Short Story Vocab

The Ransom of Red Chief

Question: Collaborate means to
Answer: work together

Question: What is a proposition?
Answer: a suggested plan

Question: To commend means to
Answer: praise

Question: What does impudent mean?
Answer: disrespectful

Question: What are provisions?
Answer: needed supplies/food

Raymond's Run

Question: To clutch is to
Answer: hold tightly

Question: A prodigy is
Answer: a person with special talent

Question: What does liable mean?
Answer: likely to

Question: What is a sidekick?
Answer: A close friend

Question: To crouch means
Answer: stoop down with bent knees

The Monkey's Paw

Question: Peril means
Answer: danger

Question: What is a grimace?
Answer: a facial expression of disgust

Question: To bleieve in fate means that you believe in
Answer: a power that determines events

Question: Compensation means
Answer: a type of payment

Question: Resignation is the
Answer: willingness to accept something that you can't control happening

The Tell-Tale Heart

Question: What does acute mean
Answer: keen/sharp-as in sensitive

Question: To conceive a plan means to
Answer: Think of it

Question: To vex is to
Answer: annoy

Question: What does stifled mean
Answer: smothered

Question: A crevice is a
Answer: crack

The Lady or the Tiger

Question: To assert means to
Answer: take charge

Question: What does subordinate mean
Answer: secondary

Question: To waver is to
Answer: hesitate

Question: What does anguish mean
Answer: distressed/tormented

Question: What does impartial mean?
Answer: not prejudiced or judgmental