History Questions

Question: who is the patriot that gave fiery speeches to convince the importance of independence???

a.Thomas Gage
b.George Whashtington 
c.Patrick Henry 

Answer: c

Question: Who was the early leader of woman rights??

a.abigail adams 
b.molly pitcher 
c.Deborah Sampson 

Answer: a

Question: Who was the commander of the continental army during the American Revolution 

a.john adams 
b.Marquis De Lafayette 
c.James Armistead 

Answer: b

Question: a slave who served under general lafayette?

a.James Armistead 
b.Samuel adams 

Answer: a

Question: American diplomat who gained support from france &a key negotiator in the treaty of Paris of 1783 that ended the American Revolution 

a.Ben Franklin 
b. George Washington 

Answer: a

Question: monarch during the American Revolution??

a.King George 
b.George Washington 

Answer: a

Question: Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence 

a.Samuel Adams 
b.George Washington 
c.Thomas Jefferson 

Answer: c

Question: wrote plays during the revolution to make the British look foolish??

a.Mercy Otis Warren 
b.Samuel adams 

Answer: a

Question: patriot and leader of the sons of liberty 

a.Samuel adams 
b.thomas paine 

Answer: a

Question: Patriot who wrote The Crisis and Common Sense during the Revolution 

a.Thomas Paine 
b.Thomas Jefferson 

Answer: a

Question: who was the most gifted patriot officer that turned traitor 

a.Benedict Arnold 
b.Francis Marion 
c.molly pitcher 

Answer: a

Question: who was the man who named his ship Bonhomme Richard 

a.John Paul Jones 
b.Ben franklin 

Answer: a

Question: american diplomat who gained support from France??

a.Ben franklin 
b.James Armistead 

Answer: a

Question: lawyer who defeated the british soldiers responsible for the Boston massacre 

a.John adams 
b.ben franklin 

Answer: a

Question: What is this called "The war of independence waged by the American colonies against Britain influenced political ideas and revolutions around the globe, as a fledgling, largely disconnected nation won its freedom from the greatest military force of its time" 

a.French and Indian war
b.American Revolution 

Answer: b

Question: What woman dressed up as a man while fighting in the American Revolution 

a.Abigail Adams
b.Deborah Sampson 
c.Molly Pitcher 

Answer: b

Question: Governor of Massachusetts that led 700 men into attacking lexington concord 

a.George Washington 
b. Haym Salomon 


Question: free black who was killed in the Boston Massacre??

a.Crispus Attucks 
b.Wentworth Cheswell 

Answer: a

Question: Who practiced guerrilla warfare and nicknamed swamp fox??

a.Francis Marion 
b.Crispus Attucks 
c.Thomas Paine 

Answer: a.

Question: The American Revolution was a political battle that took place between 1765 and 1783.


Answer: a

Question: French supporter who gave 200,000 of his own money and helped and trained American troops 

a.Marquis de Lafayette 
b.John adams

Answer: a

Question: Patriots who wrote The crisis and Common sense during the Revolution 

a.Thomas Paine 
b.John Adams 

Answer: a

Question: jewish financial broker who served as a spy for america??

a. Haym Salomon
b.francis marion 

Answer: a

Question: free black man who made a midnight run like paul revere 

a.wentworth cheswell 
b.patrik henry 

Answer: a

d.all of the above

Answer: d