Computer Science Unit 1

Input or Output

Question: Computer Monitor
Answer: Output

Question: Printer
Answer: Output

Question: Keyboard
Answer: Input

Question: Flatbed Scanner
Answer: Input

Question: Speakers
Answer: Output

Hardware or Software

Question: Microsoft Office
Answer: Software

Question: Hard Drive
Answer: Hardware

Question: Adobe Flash
Answer: Software

Question: RAM
Answer: Hardware

Question: Sound Card
Answer: Hardware


Question: Which mathematics concept did we discuss inclass, when introducing our Visualizing Computer Data lesson?
Answer: Cartesean Coordinates

Question: What function must be performed to transferownership of a Google Document from a teacher's shared folder to your own drivebefore you can work on it?
Answer: Make A Copy

Question: Google Drive is considered a _________ basedstorage system.
Answer: Cloud

Question: Which is the proper naming convention for allfiles in Computer Science Class?
Answer: Per# Last First


The ______________is a test of a machine's abilityto exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, thatof a human.

Answer: Turing

Which Language?

Question: Web or Software Language?      HTML
Answer: Web

Question: Web or Software Language?      PHP
Answer: Web

Question: Web or Software Language?       C++
Answer: Software

Question: A set of steps for carrying out a specific task. 
Answer: Algorithm 

Question: Web or Software Language?      Python
Answer: Software

The Internet

Question: This Web browser is named after a fun African adventure
Answer: Safari

Question: This, Google's Browser, is a named shared with shiny car metal.
Answer: Chrome

Question: Most webpages are programmed in this language.
Answer: HTML

Question: Each computer has one of these; think post office.
Answer: IP Address

Question: Mozilla's Internet Browser's name
Answer: Firefox