Middle East Religions


Question: What is the symbol of Judaism
Answer: What is the Star of David

Question: What is the sacred text of Judaism
Answer: What is the Tanaka

Question: Who is known as the Father of Judaism
Answer: Who is Abraham

Question: Who rebuilt the Jewish temple after it was destroyed the first time?
Answer: Who are the Persians

Question: Who destroyed the Second Jewish Temple?
Answer: Who are the Romans


Question: What is the symbol of Islam?
Answer: What is the crescent moon and star

Question: Muhammad is thought to be what to Muslims?
Answer: What is the last and greatest of all prophets

Question: What does the word "Allah" mean in Arabic?
Answer: What is god

Question: According to Islamic Scripture Muhammad heard voices commanding him, who was talking to him?
Answer: Who is the angle Gabriell

Question: What are the 5 Pillars of Islam
Answer: What is Pray 5 Times Daily toward Mecca, Make a pilgrimage to Mecca in their life time, Fast during Ramadan, Give to the poor and needy, and Believe in one god, Allah.


Question: What is the Christians holy book?
Answer: What is the bible

Question: What charge was Jesus found guilty of and sentenced to death for?
Answer: What is treason

Question: Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross and then did what?
Answer: What is rise from the dead

Question: How old was Jesus when he died?
Answer: What is 33

Question: What is the main difference between Christians and Jews?
Answer: What is Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah

Misc. #1

Question: What is the world largest religion?
Answer: What is Christianity

Question: Where was Islam founded?
Answer: What is Mecca

Question: What was Abraham's occupation?
Answer: What is a herder

Question: After hearing the voice of god, where did Abraham take his family?
Answer: What is Canaan

Question: Who destroyed the 1st Jewish Temple?
Answer: Who are the Babylonians

Misc. #2

Question: What is Jesus' mom's name?
Answer: What is Mary

Question: Muslims believe in what religion?
Answer: What is Islam

Question: Who destroyed the first Jewish temple?
Answer: Who are the Babylonians

Question: What is monotheism?
Answer: What is the belief in one god

Question: The name of the people who started Judaism(Not Jews)?
Answer: Who are the Hebrews