Español 2- Lección Preliminar

Expressions with TENER

Question: I am hungry. 
Answer: Tengo hambre.

Question: She is thirsty. 
Answer: Ella tiene sed. 

Question: We are lucky. 
Answer: Tenemos suerte. 

Question: You and I are right. 
Answer: Tenemos razón.

Question: I am afraid.
Answer: Tengo miedo. 

The verb GUSTAR

Question: I like fruit. 
Answer: Me gusta la fruta. 

Question: We like to study. 
Answer: Nos gusta estudiar. 

Question: The students like the new teacher. 
Answer: Les gusta el(la) nuevo(a) maestro(a).

Question: Sandra likes the new books. 
Answer: Le gustan los libros nuevos. 

Question: You all like to have lunch.
Answer: Les gusta almorzar.

The verb IR

Question: I go to the gym. 
Answer: Voy al gimnasio. 

Question: He goes to the office.
Answer: Él va a la oficina.

Question: You and she are going to sodas.
Answer: Van a beber refrescos. 

Question: I am going to go to school. 
Answer: Voy a ir a la escuela. 

Question: We are going to go to the library to study. 
Answer: Vamos a ir a la biblioteca a estudiar. 


Question: The sofa is in the living room. 
Answer: El sofá está en la sala. 

Question: We are sick. 
Answer: Estamos enfermos. 

Question: We are nice. 
Answer: Somos simpáticos. 

Question: You (formal) are from Guatemala. 
Answer: Usted es de Guatemala. 

Question: You (informal) are in Argentina. 
Answer: Tú estás en Argentina. 


Question: I want
Answer: quiero

Question: you all have lunch
Answer: almuerzan

Question: we prefer
Answer: preferimos

Question: they return
Answer: vuelven

Question: she orders
Answer: pide