social studies final 2


Question: Who brought new technology from Western Asia to Egypt?
Answer: Hyksos

Question: How did the Huang River get its name?
Answer: The river has a distinctive yellow silt that it picks up from the bottom of its floor causing the river to look yellow

Question: What are levees?
Answer: walls used to control flooding


who built the Great Wall of China

Answer: Shi Huangdi

Question: Where was the Great Wall of China built and why?
Answer: Beijing. It was used to protect the empire from Northern Invaders

China and South Asia

Question: What achievements were made in the Han dynasty?
Answer: New Roads were built, the first complete book of the history of China was written, for the first time officials had to take civil service exams to work for the government. There were many inventions such as the porcelain, pen and paper. 

Question: What happened in the later years of the Zhou dynasty?
Answer: It was called the golden age. a new system of money encouraged trade and the economy thrived they began using iron to make farm tools and weapons. The kings power was weakened by warfare between the rival states.  New philosophies and ways of thinking began that affected life for thousands of years to come in China.

Question: How is Daoism different from Confucianism?
Answer: It did not focus on order, they believed that people should live in harmony with nature not apart from it.

Question: Describe South Asia's geographical features.
Answer: It is a solitary diamond shaped land. It is home to the worlds tallest mountains the Himalayas.  Mount Everest is the highest peak.

Question: Which group of people first lived in the Indus River valley?
Answer: It is the sign of the world's oldest civilizations, the Harrappan civilization.

South Asia / India

Question: How did a Persian king help spread South Asian culture?
Answer: He ordered the development of roads that linked the Persian empire
whiched helped with trade and this connected India with other lands in Central Asia.

Question: What was the first Indian Empire called?
Answer: Mauryan Empire

Question: What was the main language of the ancient Indians?
Answer: Sanskrit

Question: Describe the Caste system
Answer: A lifelong social group into which you are born into. Marriages were permitted only between people of the same Caste. It also determined what job you were to have.

Question: Why are the Four Nobe Truths important to Buddhists
Answer: They are about human suffering and they are used to help understand Budda's enlightenment.


Question: In what part of Europe is Greece located?
Answer: The Southeast corner of the European continent. It is on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula.

Question: Which sea links Greece to Asia, North Africa and western Europe?
Answer: The Mediterranean Sea

Question: Who lived on Mount Olympus accounting to the ancient Greeks?
Answer: The Gods

Question: What is an aristocracy?
Answer: The government is ruled by a king or members of wealthy privileged families.

Question: Why was the battle of Salamis important?
Answer: The Athenians and the Spartans had to put aside there differences and work together to defeat the Persian invaders. This is when the Athenian ships trapped and destroyed the Persian fleet and the Persian invasion ended soon afterwards. 


Question: During the Golden Age, what did Greeks do best?
Answer: They built magnificent new temples, they created statues and monuments and Greek philosophers extended human knowledge.

Question: Describe how Alexander became King?
Answer: His father was the king of Macedonia who had conquered Greece. his father was murdered by a young noble and Alexander became the king.

Question: Which ancient culture blended Greek and Asian cultures?
Answer: The Hellenistic culture

Question: According to legend, how was the city of Rome founded?
Answer: A man overthrew his brother the king, he had his twin sons put in a basket and Thrown into the Tiber River. They were found by a female wold and she protected them. later a shepard found them and raised them naming them Romulus and Remus. As teenagers they found out their true identy and killed the evil king founding the city of Rome

Question: What is Etruscans teach the Romans?
Answer: How to build and farm and make better weapons and ships.