10AM Maths term 2 2015

Linear Functions

Question: In the function y=mx+c, what does m tell us about the graph?
Answer: The gradient

Question: Is the graph of y=-3x+7 uphill or downhill?
Answer: Downhill

Question: Rearrange 2x-y+5=0 into the form y=mx+c
Answer: Y=2x+5

Question: What is the gradient of the function perpendicular to y=-3x+5
Answer: 1/3

Question: Whe does 3x+4y-12=0 cross the x axis?
Answer: (4,0)

Index Laws

Question: Simplify d^3 x d^6
Answer: d^9

Question: Simplify 3r^3g^4/rg^2
Answer: 3r^2g^2

Question: Simplify (w^2h^3)^4
Answer: w^8h^12

Question: Simplify sqrt(2)xsqrt(18)
Answer: 6

Question: Write 435x10^7 in scientific notation
Answer: 4.35x10^9


Question: Expand 2(3k+5)
Answer: 6k+10

Question: Expand -4(7g-9j)
Answer: -28g+36j

Question: Expand (x+3)(x+7)
Answer: x^2+10x+21

Question: Expand (3t-5)(7j+3)
Answer: 21tj+9t-35j-15

Question: Expand (3x+7)^2
Answer: 9x^2+42x+49


Question: Factorise 5x+10
Answer: 5(x+2)

Question: Factorise 24g-18k
Answer: 6(4g-3k)

Question: Factorise 15x^2 -9x^5
Answer: 3x^2(5-3x^3)

Question: Factorise x^2+7x+12
Answer: (x+3)(x+4)

Question: Factorise x^2-25
Answer: (x+5)(x-5)


Question: What is the discriminant?
Answer: b^2-4ac

Question: Do the functions y=3x+5 and y=-2x+8 have a simultaneous solution?
Answer: Yes

Question: How many times does the function y=x^2+3x-7 cross the x axis?
Answer: Twice

Question: In which quadrant will the simultaneous solution of y=4x-5 and y=-2x+7 be?
Answer: 1st quadrant

Question: If we shift the parabola y=x^2 to the right 3 units, then down 4 units, what will the equation now be?
Answer: y=(x-3)^2-4