Question: Malkie woke up early on friday morning.....
Answer: Is it shabbos yet?

Question: zip zap together every single letter each one is great but together we are better!
Answer: the aleph beis trip on the aleph beis ship

Question: we'll only succeed if were willing to try
Answer: yossi and leible peanut butter and for shabbos

Question: he holds a stethoscope thats cold against my skin....
Answer: i go to the doctor

Question: i'll overcame my urge to take and make Hashem so proud!
Answer: I can be a gibor


Question: I'm fluffy, usually pink or blue, I'm usually at carnivals, and I sit on cones...
Answer: cotton candy

Question: You use me on shabbos, I'm sometimes sweet sometimes bitter, you pour me over the top of you shabbos cup! what am I?
Answer: Wine!

Question: I'm milchig and gooey, I have sauce and bread and cheese, and lots of people love me so eat me if you please!
Answer: PIZZA!

Question: im juicy im small and round im green or red what am i?
Answer: grapes!

Question: you use me for sandwiches
Answer: bread


Question: I'm loud and red, I help save people when there is a fire....
Answer: fire truck :)

Question: I have pegs on top and holes on the bottom you can make just about anything with me!
Answer: Legos!

Question: you put me together each piece fits, some times i have 100 pieces sometimes i have 1,000 who am i?
Answer: a puzzle!

Question: i open houses and doors but you made me into a toy. what am i?
Answer: keys!

Question: im bouncy and you could play a lot of games with me
Answer: a ball!


Question: I am the head of Gan Gani, I give you presents and you come over to my house for shabbos... who am I?
Answer: Bubby! :)

Question: I took the yidden out of mitzrayim, I also broke the luchos, I got the Torah from har sinai... Who am I?
Answer: Moshe Rabeinu!

Question: I love to play with mendel and baruch i see them every sunday and more! who am i?
Answer: Brocha!!!

Question: shes cute and adorable and gtes into trouble all the time!
Answer: chana!

Question: hes your favorite uncle!
Answer: uncle moishy!


Question: What did the shvatim do to yosef in the beginning of the torah?
Answer: They through him into a pit and then sold him

Question: what do you have to do to help a plant grow?
Answer: Give it sun and water!

Question: what brocha do we make on strawberries?
Answer: haadamah!

Question: what did Hashem create first birds or the sun moon and stars?
Answer: sun moon and stars

Question: what do you do when you are mad and upset and cant think straight?
Answer: count to ten and think!