Current Events Grande Finale


Question: What does "Pakistan" mean?
Answer: The land of the pure. 

Question: What does Taliban mean?
Answer: "The Students"

Question: What is the weapon that aided the Mujahideen in victory over the Soviets?
Answer: The Stinger missle

Question: Please briefly describe the history of Pakistani politics?
Answer: Cycle between civilian and military rule.

Question: Please give the of 1 of Pakistan's 4 dicators
Answer: Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul-Haq, Pervez Musharraf


Question: What is a microwork platform?
Answer: a complete, low-cost, mobile work system that can be used for contract labor in environments with minimal infrastructure. 

Question: What is the Turing Test?
Answer: The Turing test is a threshold for measuring artificial intelligence.

Question: Please describe the so called "sharing economy" and identify one technology associated with it.
Answer: The sharing economy allows individuals and small businesses to find each other and do business. Uber, AirBnB, etsy

Question: What is the name of the technology that utilizes microwaves to disperse a crowd?
Answer: V-MADS

Question: Please briefly describe V2V/V2P/V2I technology?
Answer: Vehicles are able to connect and communicate with other vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure to improve safety and efficiency.

American Cs

Question: What is a PAC, what are their purpose?
Answer: political action committees, the legal constructs that allow organizations, interest groups, and corporations to donate money to candidates. All donations must be reported and are tax liable. 

Question: What is the "revolving door"?
Answer: The "revolving door" refers to the practice of corporations hiring former government officials for access to their political connections. 

Question: How much water does the average American family use per day?
Answer: 400 gallons

Question: Please identify two interest groups that are actively lobbying in Washington DC
Answer: NAACP, AFL-CIO, AIPAC, AARP MoveOn, American For Prosperity, NRA

Question: Please identify 3 of the 4 major threats to the fresh water supply
Answer: overuse, industry, aging infrastructure, privatization

North Korea

Question: Which nation ruled Korea through WWII? Which nations took over after?
Answer: Japan. Soviet Union & USA

Question: What is "Juche"
Answer: Juche is the dominant philosophy developed by Kim Il Sung and is a mixture of Communism and Korean Nationalism

Question: Please correctly identify all 3 North Korean rulers
Answer: 1. Kim Il Sung
2. Kim Jong Il
3. Kim Jong Un

Question: In the recent film "The Interview" what is David Skylark's (James Franco) response to those who don't believe his show is real journalism?
Answer: "They hate us cuz they anus"

Question: How does North Korea acquire international aid?
Answer: "Sabre-rattling". They threaten aggressive action or promise to refrain from aggressive action in exchange for international aid. 


Question: Please name the two nations with the largest imperial legacy in Africa?
Answer: Britain and France

Question: What is the most populous nation in Africa? What is its population projected to be by 2050?
Answer: Nigeria, 1 billion

Question: What are the 3 most deadly communicable diseases in Africa?
Answer: HIV/Aids, Malaria, Tuberculosis

Question: Name 3 countries that have recently or currently are experiencing violent political turmoil in Africa?
Answer: CAR, Nigeria, Sudan, Congo, Egypt , Libya, Burundi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe

Question: What are 3 critical components of economic and political stability that Africa needs?
Answer: infrastructure, institutions, legitimate governments.