English Colonies


Question: What Was The First English Colony?
Answer: Plymouth

Question: What was the first successful English colony?
Answer: Jamestown

Question: What was the name of a nearby island that someone wrote on a tree?
Answer: Croatoan

Question: Name five of the thirteen colonies

Question: Name the two reasons why the pilgrims came to America
Answer: To get away from religious persecution and to earn money from crops


Question: What were cash crops?
Answer: Crops that farmers sold to earn money

Question: What crop made jamestown so successful?
Answer: Tobacco

Question: What were imports and exports?
Answer: imports= goods brought into a country
exports= goods sent to markets outside of the country

Question: What was mercantilism?
Answer: a theory that a nation became strong by keeping strict control over its trade

Question: What was the triangular trade?
Answer: Africa gave slaves to the West Indies, West Indies gave sugar to America, and America gave rum to Africa.

Problems In The Massachusetts Bay

Question: What did puritan leaders not like?
Answer: when their religion was questioned

Question: When colonists left where did some go?
Answer: England and other countries

Question: What was a huge problem in the Massachusetts Bay?
Answer: religious disagreement

Question: What was the clergy?
Answer: A group of people responsible for things having to do with religion?

Question: What did many people preach about during this time?
Answer: Religious Freedom

Colonial Society

Question: What were Indentured Servants?
Answer: People who worked for anyone who could get them to America.

Question: How were women treated during colonial times?
Answer: they were expected to do tasks that would help their family like cooking meals, taking care of the family, cleaning, and milking cows.

Question: What were Quakers?
Answer: Reformers Who believed in equality

Question: What were the middle class?
Answer: farmers, craftsmen, and trades men

Question: What was the gentry?
Answer: the wealthy and successful colonists that could afford nice clothes


Question: how many quarters of white colonists belonged to the middle class community?
Answer: 3/4

Question: What were yankees?
Answer: a nickname for very clever and successful merchants

Question: What was the idea of enlightenment?
Answer: it was when people started to rely on science more and it wasn't just god and religion

Question: What is a charter?
Answer: a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company

Question: What was the Manga Carta?
Answer: a document that said that the king could not raise taxes without consulting a great council of nobles