USH-8 Civil War 150

Famous Figures of the CW

Question: President of the Confederacy
Answer: Jefferson Davis

Question: President of the United States during the Civil War
Answer: Abraham Lincon

Question: Commander of the Confederate Troops
Answer: General Robert E. Lee

Question: Final Commander of the Union Troops
Answer: General Ulysses S. Grant

Question: Assassinated President Lincoln 
Answer: John Wilkes Booth

Treacherous Territorial Issues

Question: Compromise of 1850 banned
Answer: slavery in the territories

Question: regions of the US were slaves could be recovered under the Fugative Slave Act
Answer: anywhere in the US

Question: Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed
Answer: Missouri Compromise ban on slavery

Question: 2 causes of the clashes in Bleeding Kansas
Answer: slavery & statehood

Question: 2 goals of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Answer: 1. organize lands west of Missouri
2. further US Expansion

Dogs of War

Question: location first shots of the Civil War fired
Answer: Fort Sumter

Question: Who won the Civil War?
Answer: The United States of America - The Union

Question: Speech by Lincoln that talked about "fight for basic principles of Freedom & Equality"
Answer: Gettysburg address

Question: Period after the Civil War
Answer: Reconstruction

Question: Explain the Anaconda Plan
Answer: Northern Battle plan to surround and squeeze the South into submission through port blockades and control of Mississippi River

Pre-War Perfidy

Question: The first state to secede after the Election of 1860
Answer: South Carolina

Question: Goal of John Brown's Raid
Answer: create a slave uprising

Question: Response of the Southern States to the Election of 1860
Answer: seceded from Union

Question: First state to secede from the Union
Answer: South Carolina

Question: 2 issues the clashes in Bleeding Kansas were about
Answer: Slavery & Statehood

More Famous Figures of the CW

Question: How Northerners saw John Brown
Answer: As a martyr

Question: How Southerners saw John Brown
Answer: Criminal

Question: Famous escaped slave who was illegally taught to read & write
Answer: Fredrick Douglass

Question: Drafted the Missouri Compromise
Answer: Henry Clay

Question: Winner of the Election of 1860
Answer: Abraham Lincoln