Chapter 12: Declaration of Independnce


Question: The group of delegates that acted as the government for the American colonies
Answer: Second Continental Congress

Question: Document in which the American colonists explain their reasons for separating from Britain
Answer: Declaration of Independence

Question: An influential booklet that encouraged colonists to declare independence from Britain
Answer: Common Sense

Question: The crime of disloyalty toward a ruler or government
Answer: Treason

Question: DAILY DOUBLE:  A small army made up of ordinary citizens
Answer: Militia

Second Continental Congress

Question: In what city did the Second Continental Congress meet?
Answer: Philadelphia

Question: How many delegates took part in the Congress?
Answer: 65

Question: Name 3 men who took part in the Congress
Answer: Ben Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
John Hancock

Question: Name the 3 tasks the Congress faced:
Answer: 1. To organize colonies for war
2. To select a leader for the Continental Army
3. To decide whether or not to declare independence

Question: Who did the Congress choose to lead the Continental Army?
Answer: George Washington

Common Sense

Question: Who was the author of Common Sense?
Answer: Thomas Paine

Question: Why did Common Sense have such a powerful effect on the colonists?
Answer: It was written in simple language that everyone could understand

Question: What effect did Common Sense have on the colonists?
Answer: It convinced them that they should declare independence from Britain

Question: Daily Double:  How many copies of Common Sense were printed in those first few months?
Answer: 120,000

Question: Daily Double:  What month and year was Common Sense published?
Answer: January, 1776

Declaration of Independence

Question: Who wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

Question: On what date did the Congress approve and sign the Declaration?
Answer: July 4, 1776

Question: In what type of language was the Declaration written?
Answer: Formal language of the 1700s

Question: How did colonists react to the signing of the Declaration?
Answer: They celebrated by firing cannons and guns and tearing down a statue of the British king

Question: Daily Double:  Name 3 main ideas of the Declaration of Independence
Answer: 1. Britain has interfered with the colonists' rights and ruled the colonies unfairly
2. All people are equal and have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
3. When a government is taking people's rights away, the people have a right to replace their government


Question: Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
Answer: John Hancock

Question: What are unalienable rights?
Answer: Rights that every person should have that can never be taken away

Question: Where was Common Sense printed?
Answer: Philadelphia

Question: Thomas Paine had only been lived in the colonies for a short time before he wrote Common Sense.  What year did he arrive?
Answer: 1774

Question: True or false:  War had already broken out before the signing of the Declaration of Independence
Answer: True