Social Studies


Question: In 1492 who sailed the ocean blue?
Answer:  Cristopher Columbus

Question: My last name is Hudson
Answer:  Henry Hudson

Question: I was left in a bay named after me?
Answer:  Henry Hudson

Question: Who searched for the Foutain of Youth?
Answer:  Juan Ponce de Leon

Question: I sailed for France
Answer: Jacques Cartier

American Revolution

Question: I was called a traitor 
Answer:  Benedict Arnold

Question: I said the famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speach
Answer:  Patrick Hennry

Question: Who invented the lightning rod
Answer:  Benjamin Franklin

Question: I was the first president and general
Answer:  George Washington

Question: What was the Boston Tea Party
Answer: Colonist dressed as indans and dumped tea in the Boston Harbor. Nothing BUT the tea was thrown out of the ship.

Native Americans

Question: Were did the Inuit live.
Answer: They lived in the Artic(Northern Canada and Alaska)

Question: Name the tribe in Florida also is the name of one of Florida's football team
Answer: Seminole tribe

Question: We lived in South west USA and in Arizona
Answer: Hopi

Question: Some of us lived in Kansas
Answer: Pawnee tribe

Question: We lived in Idaho Oregon Wasington NW USA
Answer: Nez Perece

Westward Expansion

Question: Who explored the Louisiana Purchase
Answer: Lewis and Clark

Question: What was the Califrornia Gold Rush?
Answer: The Califrornia Gold Rush increased the population and business etc.

Question: Name trail that  is named after a state
Answer: the Oregon trail

Question: Lewis and Clark were exploring what purchase
Answer: The Louisiana Purchase

Question: I was the California what
Answer: The Califronina Gold Rush

Question: how does congress make a veto law a law
Answer: If 2/3 of congress votes yes it is a law

Question: who can veto a law
Answer: The president

Question: In every _ years we vote for a president. 
In every 4 years we vote for a president

Question: What is the Judicial Branch do
Answer: They interpret the laws.