Georgia History Review 2

Georgia as a Trustee Colony

Question: hard alcohol, Catholics, slavery, blacks, plantations
Answer: things not allowed in the Georgia trustee colony

Question: What did all Georgians have to grow?
Answer: mulberry trees

Question: charity, economics & defense
Answer: 3 reasons for founding Georgia

Question: Who was Georgia supposed to form a buffer against?
Answer: the Spanish in Florida

Question: the people who complained about all of James Oglethorpe's strict rules
Answer: malcontents


Question: the area between the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont, where many towns sprung up
Answer: the Fall Line

Question: a protected wetland in South Georgia
Answer: Okefenokee Swamp

Question: the mountain range that runs into Northern Georgia
Answer: Appalachian Mountains

Question: these protect Georgia's coastal region from hurricanes and severe weather
Answer: barrier islands

Question: this river forms much of the border between Georgia and Alabama
Answer: Chattahoochee River


Question: Georgia's continent
Answer: North America

Question: Georgia's nation
Answer: United States

Question: In which region of the US is Georgia located?
Answer: South or Southeast

Question: Georgia's relative location from Florida
Answer: North

Question: Georgia is in what 2 hemispheres?
Answer: Northern & Western

American Revolution

Question: The common name for Loyalists
Answer: Tories

Question: The name for the people who rebelled and fought against the Loyalists
Answer: Patriots

Question: What were the Stamp Act, the Sugar Act, and the Tea Act?
Answer: taxes

Question: Where was the biggest Revolutionary War battle in Georgia?
Answer: Kettle Creek

Question: Out of the 13 British colonies, Georgia was number ____. (order created)
Answer: 13

Early Georgia History

Question: big land scandal that caused Georgia to lose the land of Alabama and Mississippi
Answer: Yazoo Land Fraud

Question: land giveaway system that gave big chunks of land to any white man with a family
Answer: headright system

Question: land giveaway system where people entered their names into drawings for free land
Answer: Land Lottery system

Question: The two biggest churches in early Georgia
Answer: Baptist and Methodist

Question: the oldest public university in the United States
Answer: University of Georgia