Chapter 14 Review The Constitution

The First Government

Question: The Document that created a weak government for the new American nation.
Answer: What were the Articles of Confederation?

Question: The group that led the government through the early years of our nation.
Answer: What was the Continental Congress?

Question: A revolt when farmers took up arms against the state and national governments over the seizure of land over unpaid taxes.
Answer: What was Shays' Rebellion?

Question: A phrase that describes the governments inability to pay its debts because the former soldiers couldn't pay their taxes because the governemnt hadn't paid them because a lack of funds.
Answer: What is "The dog chasing its tail?"

Question: The government had no President, had to have 9 of 13 states approve laws, could not collect taxes and could not support its military.
Answer: What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

A New Government

Question: A meeting held in Philadelphia in May,1787.
Answer: What was the Constitutional Convention?

Question: The only state to not send delegates to the convention.
Answer: What was Rhode Island?

Question: This former military hero was elected president of the convention.
Answer: Who was George Washington?

Question: This leader served as Secretary of the Convention never missing a day and only stopped writing when he chose to speak.
Answer: Who was James Madison?

Question: What is an agreement in which each side gives up something of what it wants.
Answer: What is a compromise?

Making The Laws

Question: This branch of government is made up of two houses that make the laws.
Answer: What is the Legislative Branch?

Question: Made up of two members per state, this part of the Great Compromise made small states happy.
Answer: What is the Senate?

Question: This part of Congress has representation based on population making the large states happy.
Answer: What is the House of Representatives?

Question: A law before it is signed into law.
Answer: What is a bill?

Question: An action taken by the House when a government official is suspected of committing a crime or an act of official misconduct.
Answer: What is impeachement?

Carrying Out The Laws

Question: The head of this branch of government makes sure that laws are carried out.
Answer: What is the Executive Branch?

Question: A group of men and women who serve as advisors to the President and who must be approved by the Senate.
Answer: What is the Cabinet?

Question: The title of the person who heads this branch of government.
Answer: Who is the President?

Question: The residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Answer: What is the Whitehouse?

Question: An action by the president to reject a bill preventing a bill from becoming a law.
Answer: What is a veto?

Interpreting The Laws

Question: The branch of governemnt charged with interpretting laws and settling disputes between states.
Answer: What is the Judicial Branch?

Question: This body is made up of men and women selected by the President and approved by the Senate to serve as the head of this branch of government.
Answer: What is the Supreme Court?

Question: The length of term for a member of this branch, which acts as a check on the power of the other two branches.
Answer: What is a term for life?

Question: The document by which this branch measures all laws in interpreting the law.
Answer: What is the Constitution?

Question: The head of this branch, a man or woman, selected by the President and serves as the main judge in all cases.
Answer: What is the Chief Justice?