The Flat Show


Question: What do they eat?
Answer: it depends, if its a planarian they are free living (Which means they don't live in or on other organisms). While Tape and Fluke worms are not (which means they eat their food from other organisms).

Question: flatworms eat both _______ and some eat from a ____.
Answer: freely, host

Question: a parasite eats _____.
Answer: waste

Question: a free-living organism eats from a_____. 
Answer: tube

Question: free-living flatworms feed on the_____ and _____.
Answer: dead and decaying


Question: What do all flat worms have in common?
Answer: Flat bodies and are soft like jelly.

Question: worms reproduce both ______and ______.
Answer: sexually and asexually

Question: in many species of worm, there are a separate ____and _____animals.
Answer: male and female

Question: they all have sense organs that are sensitive to____, ____,and _____.
Answer: light, touch, and vibrations.

Question: a worm would quickly return to its underground borrow when it ____ the _______ of foot steps.
Answer: senses, vibrations

Body Structure

Question: All worm are ________!
Answer: invertibrates

Question: Flat worms have________   _______ without legs.
Answer: narrow bodies

Question: Unlike sponges and cnidarians flat worms have _______ ______.
Answer: bilateral symmetry

Question: flatworms have a _____ and _____ end.
Answer: head and tail

Question: They all have _____, _____, and ______.
Answer: tissues,organs, and body system

Nervous System

Question: Flatworms are the simplest organism with a ______.
Answer: brain

Question:  the flatworm's brain is a knot of _____ _____.
Answer: tissue nerve

Question: the brain is located in the _____ end.
Answer: head 

Question: flatworms detect _____, _____, _____, and _____.
Answer: objects, food, mates, and predators.

Question: it can _____ quickly too.
Answer: respond


Question: Tapeworms produces ______ and ______.
Answer: eggs and sperm

Question: ______ eat the fertilized eggs from the grass.
Answer: rabbits

Question: After the rabbit eats the _____,the _____ hatches out.
Answer: eggs, larvae

Question: tapeworms reproduce _______.
Answer: asexually

Question: tapeworms lay their eggs in the_____.
Answer: grass