Rural Poverty

The Problem

When someone has absolutely nothing and lacks access to necessary life sustaining resources

Answer: What Is Absolute Poverty?

Question: Poverty can also be not having your own _____.
Answer: What is a Home?

Question: The system that is causing those living in Poverty to be split apart just so they can have enough to survive, due to rules involving marriage and such.
Answer: What is The Modern Welfare System?

Question: When someone lacks the amount of money or personal possessions that counts as usual, healthy, or socially acceptable.
Answer: What is Poverty?

Question: People in Rural Poverty depend excessively on ______, ______, and ______.
Answer: What is Agriculture, Public Spending, and International Aid Support?



Poverty is believed to be caused by ______. This is in developing countries where populations is increasing rapidly.

Answer: What is Overpopulation?


Rural areas tend to straggle in ________, and have a higher unemployment rate. This can be due to limited access to business opportunities.  

Answer: What is challenge in economic growth?


Today's poor are becoming lazier than our forefathers. Those living in poverty, are being discouraged and believe that no matter what they do, they will never be able to succeed in what they are doing.

Answer: What is lack of responsibility?


The situation in the Philippines is less promising when it comes under income considerations. Over the progress of four decades, fewer hands hold more land. Less land in the rural domain from settlement and shelter is available for the Filipinos.

Answer: What is resource inequality?


______ in the government in a factor that has led to mistrust in the government. Although they are in favor of farmers building successful systems,and developed international organization the Philippines economy is less integrated than any other Asian world economy.

Answer: What is corruption?

Tried Solutions


People can come to the farm to start their own businesses. They then expand these businesses, and in the long run it provides hundreds of jobs to farmers.

Answer: What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Question: Systems of public social provision in all the Western industrial capitalist democracies that provide food, shelter, and security for those who can’t provide it for themselves.
Answer: What are Welfare States?


Occupation opportunities in the _____ industry located in rural areas might be able to assist families living under the poverty line in the countryside.

Answer: What are Mining Opportunities?

Question: One example of this is that the GK farm provides ________ for those who work and have businesses on the farm, so that they do not have to struggle to pay for it themselves.
Answer: What is Housing?


Paul R. Polak has attempted to assist in the battle against rural poverty by providing owners of small pieces of land with low-cost_______systems to help families in poverty who live on these pieces of land.

Answer: What is Microirrigation?


Question: Over ______ of the children in this world are unable to go to school because they live under Poverty
Answer: What is 140 million?


With 1 in 2 farmers living below the poverty line and about ______ of the population in poverty, economic development remains an important challenge for the Philippines.

Answer: What is 35 percent?

Question: According to a survey done in 2012, it is found that families must earn ______ a month to put food on the table every day.
Answer: What is 5,458 pesos?


Microirrigation aims to help 30 million _____ in the developing world rise out of poverty

Answer: What are rural farm families?


Approximately ____ of the population in the Philippines in under poverty.

Answer: What is 27.9 percent?



Gawad Kalinga, Building a Platform for __________

Answer: What is 'Social Artistry'?


The Enchanted Farm is also an ‘_______ for social businesses’

Answer: What is an 'incubator'?


The first phase of our journey is for us to ______ - Tony Meloto

Answer: What is to 'heal a broken nation'?


The Enchanted Farm is a ‘Village University for the rising Filipino where rich and poor ___________’

Answer: What is 'learn to be partners in development'?


(This is paraphrasing) “The first phase of our journey is to provide land for the landless, homes for the homeless. Showing Filipinos that we can end poverty in our country if we ______________, if we share with our Bayanihan spirit, to share our gifts and talents for all of us to rise together as a people” - Tony Meloto

Answer: What is to 'care about one another'?