Game 4

CMC People

Question: What is the first and last name of the president of CMC?
Answer: Hiram Chodosh

Question: Who is the director of the accounting program at CMC?
Answer: Marc Massoud

Question: Who is the current Sophomore Class President?
Answer: Cole Mora

Question: Who is the Dean of Students at CMC?
Answer: Mary Spellman

Question: Who is the head athletic trainer?
Answer: Steve Graves


Question: Who was the hosted The Price is Right from 1972-2007?
Answer: Bob Barker

Question: What was the family name of the main characters in the Cosby Show?
Answer: Huxtables

Question: What TV show features Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green?
Answer: The Voice

Question: How many seasons of South Park have there been?
Answer: 18

Question: Name two of the main actors in Friends.
Answer: Courtney Cox/Matt Leblanc/Jennifer Aniston/Lisa Kudrow/David Schwimmer/Matthew Perry


Question: How many months does it take a fingernail or toenail to grow from base to tip?
Answer: 6 months

Question: What is the most common blood type in the world?
Answer: Type O

Question: How many chambers are in the human heart?
Answer: 4

Question: What is the longest bone in the human body?
Answer: Femur (Thigh bone)

Question: Which of the five senses deteriorates first with age?
Answer: Smell

Ends in "ile"

Question: Immature
Answer: Juvenile

Question: The word for someone who is easily taught and easily managed
Answer: Docile

Question: When you can't have children
Answer: infertile

Question: Figure of speech comparing one thing with another thing of a different kind
Answer: Simile

Question: What type of person would be attracted to the sunlight?
Answer: Heliophile

Real Life

Question: What does HOA stand for?
Answer: Homeowners Association

Question: When jumping a car battery, what color wire connects with the plus side and what color wire connects with the negative side?
Answer: Red goes with the plus sign and black goes with the minus sign

Question: Until what age can a person be under their parent's health insurance?
Answer: 26

Question: In carry-on luggage, what is the maximum amount of ounces of liquid that a container may hold?
Answer: 3.4 oz

Question: What state has the highest sales tax?
Answer: Tennessee (9.45%)