Musculoskeletal by Carly and Alisha

Question: This type of muscle movement is all done without conscious thinking
Answer: What is involuntary movement?

Question: The Skeletal system has this many muscles
Answer: What is 600?

Question: These three muscles make up for the muscular skeletal
Answer: What is the cardiac, smooth, and skeletal system?

Question: This muscle protects organs, produce heat/ energy for the body, and maintains posture
Answer: What is the skeletal muscle?

Question: This movement decreases the angle between two bones
Answer: What is flexion?

Question: This is the main mineral found within the bone
Answer: What is calcium?

Question: This type of diagnostic procedure has the ability to find fractures and abnormalities
Answer: What is radiography?

Question: The skeletal system is known as connective tissue as well as this
Answer: What is the second hardest tissue?

This test is used after abnormal counts of red and white blood cells are found

Answer: What is Bone Marrow Biopsy?

Question: This helps treat cancer within the bone marrow
Answer: What is Bone Marrow Transplant?

Question: This disease causes a sagging appearance to the face
Answer: What is Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy?

Question: Locations of where osteoporosis is commonly found
Answer: What is the hip, spine and wrists?

Question: Soft Tissue Sarcoma sometimes had non-cancerous tumors which is also known as
Answer: What is benign?

Question: These disease has a treatment
Answer: What is Soft Tissue Sarcoma?

Question: If you exercise, have enough calcium intake, avoid smoking, and avoid excessive alcohol consumption you can prevent a disease called
Answer: What is Osteoporosis?

Question: Otrth/o means
Answer: What is straight?

Question: Muscles medical term is 
Answer: What is Muscul/o?

Question: A malignant tumor of connective tissue
Answer: What is a -sarcoma?

Question: Spondyl/o is this medical terminology translated to 
Answer: What is vertebra?

Question: Myel/o is 
Answer: What is Bone Marrow?

Question: The first video played at the beginning of the presentation is
Answer: What is Hannah Montana's Bone Dance?

Question: This muscle is Image result for deltoid
Answer: What is a deltoid?

Question: This type of bone was used for the model to portray this disease
Answer: What is cow bones and osteoporosis? 

Question: This type of bone was used to conduct the lab
Answer: What is a chicken bone?

Question: This bone is 
Answer: What is a femur?