Solar System Review

Everything Planets

Question: Of all the planets in our Solar System, this one is the most like Earth.

Answer: Venus

Question: Name 2 planets that have a rocky surface.

Answer: Mercury

Question: What do Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have in common?

Answer: Gas giants
Outer planets
Farther from the Sun

Question: This planet is covered in craters because it has hardly any atmosphere.

Answer: Mercury

Question: This is the largest planet in our Solar System.

Answer: Jupiter


Question: Which is not a layer of the sun?
A. Photosphere
B. Solar flare
C. Corona
D. Chromosphere

Answer: B. Solar Flare

Question: Which is true about the sun?
A. It is a small star.
B. It is a large star.
C. It is a gas giant.
D. It is an average-sized star.

Answer: D. It is an average-sized star.

Question: The sun is an example of this:  a huge ball of very hot gas that gives off energy.

Answer: a star

Question: What is the name of the star that is located almost directly above the North Pole?

Answer: Polaris

Question: A group of stars that forms a pattern

Answer: Constellation

Rotation or Revolution

Question: What causes day and night?
Earth's rotation or revolution?

Answer: Earth's rotation

Question: Which causes us to see a full moon once every 27.3 days?
The moon's rotation or revolution around the Earth?

Answer: Revolution

Question: Which causes the sun to appear to move across the sky?
Earth's rotation or revolution?

Answer: Earth's rotation

Question: Use the globe to demonstrate rotation and revolution of the Earth.

Answer: N/A

Question: Complete both phrases.

Rotation of the Earth causes ________ and _________. 

Revolution causes __________ and _____________.

Answer: days and nights
seasons and years

Vocabulary Words

Question: This is an object in our solar system that is a frozen mass of ice and dust

Answer: a comet

Question: Which is true about planets and asteroids?
A. They are round.
B. They have an atmosphere.
C. They revolve around the sun.
D. They have cleared their orbit.

Answer: C. They revolve around the sun.

Question: What is the imaginary line around which an object spins?

Answer: axis

Question: Any of the four planets in our solar system beyond Mars are called:

Answer: Outer planets

Question: A natural object that revolves around a planet

Answer: Moon

Grab Bag

Question: Put the following in order from smallest to largest:  Sun, moon, Earth

Answer: moon, Earth, Sun

Question: When the moon passes between the sun and Earth and casts its shadow on Earth it's called:

Answer: Solar eclipse

Question: If tonight was a New Moon, what would I see in the sky?

Answer: Nothing or darkness

Question: How does Earth's revolution around the sun cause seasons?

Answer: Because the Earth's axis is always tilted at the same angle.  As the Earth revolves around the Sun throughout the year, some areas will receive more direct sunlight.  The more direct the sun's light, the more heat (summer).

Question: When the moon passes through Earth's shadow it's called a:

Answer: lunar eclipse