Chapters 15 and 16

Chapter 15 People

Question: Inventor of the incandescent light bulb, among other inventions, known as the greatest inventor in American history
Answer: Thomas Alva Edison 

Question: Inventor of the telephone
Answer: Alexander Graham Bell 

Question: Horticulturist who worked at Tuskegee Institute and transformed farming in the south by encouraging crop rotation. 
Answer: George Washington Carver

Question: Inventor of the Kodak camera 
Answer: George Eastman 

Question: Founder of the Standard Oil Company who made a fortune in the oil industry 
Answer: John D. Rockefeller 

Chapter 16 People

Question: Sioux Indian Chief who killed General Custer and all of his men at Little Big Horn 
Answer: Crazy Horse 

Question: First democratic president since the Civil War and the only president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms
Answer: Grover Cleveland 

Question: Republican president who was assassinated after only 4 months in office by a man who felt he had been cheated out of his job. 
Answer: James Garfield 

Question: Republican president who was assassinated in 1901. He favored the gold standard 
Answer: William McKinley 

Question: Poetess who wrote short, untitled poetry that was not published until after her death 
Answer: Emily Dickinson 


Question: Legislation that opened the Great Plains for settlement in 1862. Granted 160 acres of land to anyone willing to live on it and start a farm
Answer: Homestead Act 

Question: Court case that declared racial segregation was legal in the U.S. 
Answer: Plessy v. Ferguson 

Question: This offered land and U.S. citizenship to to any head of an Indian family who would take up farming or ranching 
Answer: Dawes Act

Question: Government agency formed to regulate private business; regulated railroad shipping rates 
Answer: Interstate Commerce Commission 

Question: Party composed of Farmer's Alliance and several other labor groups that promoted the free coinage of silver
Answer: Populist Party 


Question: Dedicated on October 28, 1886 in New York Harbor 
Answer: Statue of Liberty

Question: Site of the battle between General Custer and Crazy Horse 
Answer: Little Big Horn 

Question: Rugged hills in South Dakota promised to the Indians and regarded as sacred to the Sioux Indians 
Answer: Black Hills 

Question: America's first modern skyscraper
Answer: Wainwright Building 

Question: The 1893 World's Fair was held here 
Answer: Chicago, Illinos


Question: A person who gives away large sums of money to individuals or private charities 
Answer: Philanthropist 

Question: One who risks personal loss to develop and market a new product
Answer: Entrepreneur 

Question: Common type of housing for settlers on the prairie as wood was scarce 
Answer: sod houses

Question: What Mark Twain called the Age of Industry 
Answer: Gilded Age 

Question: This happens when the prices of goods suddenly increase within a given economy 
Answer: Inflation