Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Key Terms

Question: What were the rulers of Egyptian kingdoms called?
Answer: Pharaohs

Question: What was the earliest form of paper called?
Answer: papyrus

Question: What Egyptian city was the site of The Great Pyramid
Answer: Giza

Question: What is the mouth of a river called?
Answer: delta

Question: The region of ancient Nubia between the second and sixth Nile cataracts.
Answer: Upper Nubia

Geography of the Nile

Question: How did the people of Nubia and Egypt benefit from the geography of the Nile?
Answer: People were able to create communities and settle on land close to the Nile.

Question: What happened to the Nile River in order for it to maintain life and what nickname did it earn?
Answer: The Nile flooded often which created fertile soil for farming and earned the nickname "highway for trade"

Question: How did the cataracts of the Nile River affect Nubian trade?
Answer: The cataracts made trade difficult because of it rough waters

Question: What was the name of the god of the Nile?
Answer: Hapi

Question: Name the two main sources of the Nile River.
Answer: Blue and White Nile


Question: What role did Hapshepsut play before being proclaimed a pharaoh?
Answer: She was a regent

Question: Who was Menes and what did he accomplish?
Answer: Menes was credited with uniting Upper and Lower Nubia by building a city called Memphis

Question: What characterized each of the three kingdoms? Describe each one.
Answer: Old Kingdom - well run government system
Middle Kingdom - rulers restored order and reunited the country
New Kingdom - drove out foreign invaders

Question: What caused the decline of Egypt during the New Kingdom?
Answer: Civil wars left Egypt weak and poorly defended

Question: What made Thutmose III a great pharaoh?
Answer: He was a conqueror and an educated man who treated the people he conquered with mercy.

Egyptian Religion

Question: What is the main belief of Egyptian religion regarding death?
Answer: The Afterlife

Question: Who was Osiris?
Answer: The god of the living and the dead

Question: Why did ancient Egyptians bury their dead with food and other possessions?
Answer: Egyptians believed that the souls of the dead would return to their bodies to eat.

Question: Why did the Egyptians build pyramids?
Answer: Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for the pharaoh's when they died.

Question: When were pyramids began?
Answer: When a pharaoh was crowned


Question: How was Egyptian society organized? (Social Classes)
Answer: Top - Pharaohs
Upper class - priests, the pharaoh's court, and nobles
Middle class - merchants and skilled workers
Lower class - peasants

Question: What helped Egyptians everyday?
Answer: Mathematics

Question: Why was Nubia called the Land of the Bow?
Answer: Nubians were skilled archers

Question: What were some characteristics of Kerma?
Answer: -controlled trade between Central Africa and Egypt
-artisans were well-known
-devoted a great deal of energy and resources to royal burials

Question: How did the people of Meroe use iron ore?
Answer: They were the first to work with iron ore to make weapons and tools