Cam Bernier Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution I

Question: What did Lenin promise?
Answer: peace, land, and bread.

Question: When was Bloody Sunday?
Answer: January 22, 1905.

Question: What did Alexander III turn Russia into?
Answer: A police state

Question: What did the Bolsheviks adopt after the revolution?
Answer: Communist party

Question: The Bolsheviks were Radical Marxists who were willing to do anything for change. True or false?
Answer: True

Russian RevolutionII

Question: Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks? 
Answer:  Lenin

Question: What were collective farms?
Answer: Government owned farms.

Question: What was Bloody Sunday?
Answer: Labor unrest led to Czar Nicholas ordered fire on unarmed protestors. later, he established the DUMA, Russia's first Parliament.

Question: Who won the Red vs White army war?
Answer: Red

Question: What were soviets of Russia?
Answer: Workers, peasants, and soldiers.


Question: Stalin was also known as...?
Answer: "Man of Steel".

Question: Who did Stalin Exile?
Answer: Trotsky.

Question: What did Stalin adopt as an economy?
Answer: A Command Economy.

Question: How many people did Stalin kill during his 5 year plan? And why?
Answer: 15 million. To maintain control.

Question: What was the nickname of Stalin's 5 year plan?
Answer: Great Purge


Question: What did Sun Yixian promote?
Answer: Nationalism.

Question: Who gained power during the civil war?
Answer: Mao Zedong.

Question: Who was China's greatest revolutionary leader?
Answer: Mao Zedong.

Question: What was the Long March?
Answer: Communists fleeing the Nationalist army.

Question: What made the Chinese pause on their civil war?
Answer: WWII


Question: What nation was Gandhi fighting for freedom against? 
Answer: Britain.

Question: What was the slat march?
Answer: Gandhi's peaceful protest in 1930, where they marched to the sea to gather salt from the sea and avoid the taxes on salt.

Question: What was Gandhi's symbol of resistance against the british?
Answer: A spinning wheel.

Question: When did Gandhi and his followers receive the Government of India Act which gave India a local government?
Answer: 1935.

Question: What did Gandhi and his followers Boycott most of all?
Answer: Cloth.