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Question: What is the name of the capital Horde city?
Answer: Orgrimar

Question: What classes use Plate armor?
Answer: Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight

Question: What class uses "Invisibility"?
Answer: Mage

Question: How many rouges does it take to kill a paladin?
Answer: 2, one to attack him and another waiting at the inn in Stormwind

Question: What is more than both a fish and a man?
Answer: Murlock


Question: What is the largest of the available Races of Guild Wars 2?
Answer: Norn

Question: What classes do not have weapon swapping?
Answer: Engineer, Elementalist

Question: What class has the healing capacity?
Answer: Guardian

Question: What class can provide the most combo-fields?
Answer: Elementalist

Question: What are all the Races of Gw2
Answer: Norn, Sylvari, Human, Azura, Charr


Question: What powers the world of Minecraft
Answer: Redstone

Question: How many blocks away can hostile mobs spot you?
Answer: 16 blocks away

Question: what is the name of the default player skin?
Answer: Steve

Question: At what light-level do hostile mobs spawn?
Answer: 7 or less

Question: How many landscape "floors" are there in The Nether?
Answer: 3


Question: Which Champion lays down "shrooms"?
Answer: Teemo

Question: Who is the "Exemplar of Demacia"
Answer: Garen

Question: At what time do the jungle buffs first spawn?
Answer: 2 minutes and 55 seconds

Question: Who is the sole practitioner of "gem" magic?
Answer: Taric

Question: What is the name of Swain's bird?
Answer: Beatrice


Question: What is Mario's ultimate goal?
Answer: To save Princess Peach

Question: What is the difference between a red and green mushroom?
Answer: Red grants size, Green grants an extra life

Question: What is the name of the ghost?
Answer: Boo

Question: Who is the green "dinosaur"
Answer: Yoshi

Question: What is Mario's occupation?
Answer: Plumber