Wismer Ch. 27 review


This small insect spread malaria, which helped to keep Europeans from the heart of Africa.

Answer: What is the mosquito?

This meeting of 14 European powers met in Germany from 1884-85 to carve up Africa; no Africans were invited to the party.

What is the Berlin Conference?

Question: This American journalist traveled to the Congo to find Dr. Livingstone; he was also asked to make treaties with the Congo tribes along the Congo River on behalf of Belgium's King Leopold II.
Answer: Who was Henry Stanley?

Question: Cecil Rhodes - co-founder of the Debeers Diamond Group - used this social theory of "survival of the fittest" to justify Great Britain's colonization of Africa and treatment of the natives; Europeans believed they could save peoples who they saw as "less."
Answer: What is Social Darwinism?

Question: This Zulu chief was in a three battle with the Boers (Dutch farmers) and British army in South Africa.
Answer: Who is Shaka?

Ottoman Empire/Persia

Question: This sultan of the Ottoman Empire at its height in 1699 was considered the last great leader.  
Answer: Who was Suleiman the Magnificent?

Question: This conflict between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, lasting from 1853-56, kept Russia from expanding into the Black Sea; France and Britain helped defend the Ottomans, too.
Answer: What was the Crimean War?

Question: This waterway was the brainchild of Muhammad Ali's grandson (Isma'il), cost over $450 million at the time, and connected the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Answer: What is the Suez Canal?

Question: This is country became the battleground between Russia and Great Britain during "The Great Game" (1807-1913) because of its strategic importance as a gateway to India.
Answer: What is Afghanistan?

Question: This country was the child in a custody battle between Russia and Great Britain during "The Great Game," primarily over access to the Khyber Pass.
Answer: What is Afghanistan?


Question: This corporation ruled much of India for 150 years through economic imperialism and the use of sepoys.
Answer: What is British East India Company?

Question: This native Indian soldier was trained and employed by the British East India Company to fight on behalf of its interest.
Answer: What is a sepoy?

Question: Aside from the Hindu and Muslim sepoy, this third religious sect stayed loyal to the British even after the Sepoy Mutiny.
Answer: What are the Sikhs?

Question: This Indian visionary asked his countrymen to give up traditional practices and evolve into a modern country in order to stop being vulnerable to foreign powers.
Answer: Who is Ram Mohun Roy?

Question: Britain referred to India as this, relating how important it was in terms of strategy and economics.
Answer: What is the "Jewel in the Crown"?

Southeast Asia

Question: This was the Netherlands version of a company used to take over a region, used primarily to consolidate what is now Indonesia.
Answer: What is the Dutch East India Company?

Question: This is the combined name for French colonies that included the modern day borders of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
Answer: What is French Indochina?

Question: This is the only country to stay independent, thanks mainly to Kings Mongkut and Chulalongkorn who modernized without foreign aid.
Answer: What is Siam?

Question: This British colony city on the Malay Peninsula became one of the busiest ports thanks to increased business after the opening of the Suez Canal.
Answer: What is Singapore?

Question: This term refers to the countries that border the Pacific Ocean and was the title of a really good 2013 "monsters vs. robots" movie.
Answer: What is Pacific Rim?

United States

Question: This country was given to the United States from Spain after the Spanish American war in 1898.
Answer: What is The Philippines?

Question: This 25th American president presided over annexation of Hawaii and the Philippines; he said he intended to "educate Filipinos, and uplift and Christianize them."
Answer: Who is President William McKinley?

Question: This Filipino nationalist began a revolt in 1899 against the Americans, which took until 1902 to quell.
Answer: Who is Emilio Aguinaldo?

Question: This sweet commodity (and its discounted price) became the real reason Hawaii became annexed by the United States.
Answer: What is sugar?

Question: This monarch was the only woman to rule this nation and the last monarch to sit on the throne.
Answer: Who is Queen Liliuokalani?