Standard Assessment Review

Unit 1

Question: Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

Question: What was Montesquieu's influence on the U.S. Constitution?
Answer: seperation of powers

Question: The heliocentrenic, or sun-centered, theory was argued by...?
Answer: Copernicus

Question: What did the colonists protest as "taxation without representation"?
Answer: Stamp Act

Question: What belief would Thomas Hobbes and the King of France had had in common?
Answer: Absolute monarchy

Unit 2

Question: What are the 3 factors of production?
Answer: land, labor, capital

Question: What is the name of the voluntary assoication of workers seeking reforms?
Answer: unions

Question: Name 2 events that led to the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain?
Answer: increase food supply and money and/or plenty of labor

Question: What was a benefit of the railroad industry?
Answer: Provided cheap transportation of goods and services

Question: How are communism and socialism related to one another?
Answer: Communism is the complete form of socialism where people own all the property.

Unit 3

Question: Who paid taxes in pre-revolutionary France?
Answer: 3rd Estate

Question: Which group spearheaded the independence movements in Latin America?
Answer: Creoles

Question: In 1871, what nation did Prussia turn into?
Answer: Germany

Question: How were the unification of Italy and Germany similar?
Answer: Both used military action to unify territories.

Question: What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
Answer: Declared all slaves in the Confederate states free

Unit 4

Question: Why did Britain sell opium to China?
Answer: to improve the balance of trade

Question: UNIT 3: Which group embraced the ideas of the Enlightenment in France in time for the revolution?
Answer: middle class or bourgeoisie

Question: UNIT 3: Who was the leader of the Red Shirts in Italy?
Answer: Garbaldi

Question: Of these 4 ideas: end to tax exemptions, freedom of speech and press, and equal rights for women, which was NOT in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen?
Answer: equal rights for women

Question: How did the Agricultural Revolution led to the Industrial Revolution?
Answer: increase food supply, more people, and farmers moved to urban areas


Question: What is the Industrial Revolution?
Answer: increase in machine-made goods beginning in England

Question: Why did Napoleon sell Louisana to the U.S.?
Answer: to raise money

Question: What was a worldwide impact of industrialization?
Answer: imperialism

Question: What did John Locke believe about people in general?
Answer: learn from their experiences

Question: The outbreak of the Civil War was a DIRECT result of....?
Answer: Confederate attack on Ft. Sumter