Pittsburgh Sports Teams


Question: What are the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers?
Answer: Black and Gold

Question: How many Super Bowls have the Steelers won?
Answer: 6

Question: What is the name of the Steeler's mascot?
Answer: Steely Mcbeam

Question: How many Steeler's are in the Hall Of Fame?
Answer: 25

Question: What famous Steeler player played a cameo role in the movie the Waterboy and also ran for mayor of Pennsylvania?
Answer: Lynn Swann


Question: What arena did the Penguin's play in before they tore it down for the Consol Energy Center?
Answer: Civic Arena (The Igloo)

Question: How many times have the Penguin's appeared in the NHL Winter Classic?
Answer: 2

Question: How many Stanley Cups have the Penguins won?
Answer: 3

Question: What year did the Penguins change the color of their jerseys?
Answer: 1980

Question: Who was the only Penguin who's number was taken out of circulation but wasn't officially retired until 2011?
Answer: Michael Briere


Question: What division are the Pirates in?
Answer: NL Central

Question: What famous Pirate player wore the # 21?
Answer: Roberto Clemente

Question: When did professional baseball start being played in Pittsburgh area?
Answer: 1876

Question: Which famous Pirate was born and raised in Pittsburgh area?
Answer: Honus Wagner

Question: How many jersey numbers are retired for the Pittsburgh Pirates?
Answer: 10

Pitt Football

Question: What is the Pitt mascot?
Answer: Panthers

Question: Where does Pitt football play their home games?
Answer: Heinz Field

Question: What was the name of the University of Pittsburgh when the football program was established?
Answer: Western University of Pennsylvania

Question: Which Pitt football player won the Bilentnikoff and Walter Camp awards?
Answer: Larry Fitzgerald

Question: How many bowls have Pitt football appeared in?
Answer: 29

Pitt Basketball

Question: What conference is Pitt currently in?
Answer: Big East

Question: What is the name of the Pitt student cheering section?
Answer: The Oakland Zoo

Question: How many times has the Pitt basketball team appear at the NCAA Tournament?
Answer: 23

Question: How many conference championships has Pitt Basketball won?
Answer: 13

Question: Who was the first Pitt Basketball coach?
Answer: Benjamin Printz