Bend it like Beckham


Question: The main charachter?
Answer: Who is Jesminda

Question: The tall girl, with short blond hair who is looking like a boy. (Her real name)
Answer: Who is Juliette Paxton 

Question: The colour on the three girls clothes, who watchs the boys playing without shirts
Answer: What is pink

Question: The first important person you see in the movie
Answer: Who is David Beckham

Question: Who is the gay in the movie
Answer: Who is Tony


Question: Number of players on the pitch
Answer: What is 11 players

Question: The city in Germany, where the girls plays
Answer: What is Hamburg

Question: The name of the football team
Answer: What is Hounslow Harriers

Question: The shop where Jess buys her football boots
Answer: What is Reebok

Question: The number on the Bach of Jess's shirt
Answer: What is number 7


Question: The man on the picture on the wall
Answer: Who is Babaji

Question: Which religion is Jess a part of
Answer: What is Hinduism

Question: In which country do they live in?
Answer: What is the United Kingdom

Question: The three kind of boys, Jess can't date
Answer: What is, white boys, black boys, and Muslims 

Question: The thing that the father in Jess's family wears on his head
Answer: What is a Turban

Family and friends

Question: The name of Jess's sister
Answer: What is Pinky

Question: The person Pinky is engaged with
Answer: Who is Teetu

Question: The reason of why Jules suddenly hate Jess
Answer: What is she almost kisses joe

Question: The team captain on the girls football team
Answer: Who is Mel

Question: The bane of Jess father
Answer: Who is Mr. Bhamra

The happy ending

Question: The boy, who always help Jess when she needs it
Answer: Who is Tony

Question: The thought Jules mom had about her
Answer: What is being gay

Question: The person who scores the important goal in the last game
Answer: Who is Jess

Question: The person Jess kisses in the ending
Answer: Who is Joe (The coach)

Question: The place where Joe and Jess kisses
Answer: What is the airport