Question: what is the named of the longest sub?

Answer: nuclear powered

Question: what is the named of the longest aircraft carrier?
Answer: Nimitz

Question: what does sea air and land go to?
Answer: seals

Question: what % are on watch?
Answer: 100% on watch

Question: what is the difference between a battleship and a destroyer?
Answer: Destroyers

The origin of the destroyer came during the same period as the origin of the battleship. Originally called "torpedo boat destroyers," they were developed by the British Navy in response to the threat posed to larger ships by small, fast-moving torpedo boats. Light and maneuverable but still heavily armed, destroyers were used to escort larger ships by intercepting and destroying threats. By the Second World War, they were also being used to provide protection from submarines and aircraft attack for larger vessels, including merchant ships. Battleships

Battleships were a descendant of the naval ships of the line of the 18th and 19th centuries. The first battleships were built in the 1870s by the French navy. Made entirely of steel, rather than wood with steel armor plating, they were steam-powered and armed with batteries of heavy guns. The launch of HMS Dreadnought in 1906 signaled the beginning of the age of the battleship. Fast, heavily-armored and bristling with high-caliber guns, the battleship was the center of an arms race between the European powers. Its role was to engage and destroy other large enemy ships or to bombard the shore.


Question: what does Mp means ?
Answer: Military police

Question: what is the difference between our military then the  japans military ?   

The military in Japan is affected by Japan's pacifist post-war constitution. This affects classification of the Hyūga class helicopter carriers, which are ships of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). The missions of these ships are limited to "military operations other than war."[13] In United States military doctrine, military operations other than war includes the use of military capabilities across a range of operations that fall short of war. Because of political considerations, MOOTW operations normally have more restrictive rules of engagement (ROE) than in war.

Although the MOOTW acroynm is new, the concepts are not. The RAND database identifies 846 military operations other than war between 1916 and 1996 in which the US Air Force or its predecessors played a noteworthy role.[18]

Question: does the army go on water ?
Answer:  maybe

Question: does the army go out of a helicopter?
Answer: yes

Question: What are the qualifications to join the Army?

The following are the basic requirements for enlisting:

air force

Question: What is the U.S. Air Force?
Answer: The U.S. Air Force is one of the five branches of  the U.S. Armed Forces.  It defends the United States through control and exploitation of air and space.

Question: What if I am not a U.S. citizen?
Answer: Only U.S. citizens or foreign nationals legally residing in the United States with an Immigration and Naturalization Service Alien Registration Card ("Green Card" -- INS Form I-151/551) may apply. Applicants must speak, write and read English fluently.

Question: How do I apply to the academy?

There are six steps: knowing the basic requirements applying for a nomination, complete a candidate questionnaire, complete the candidate kit, secure nomination form congressman or other qualifying authorities, and complete testing.

General qualifications include:

Question: How do I become a pilot?
Answer: The Air Force trains pilots through its undergraduate pilot training program.  Air Force pilots are generally officers who compete for the pilot training slots.  Air Force flight training has strict vision requirements. The vision requirements are 20/50 for pilots and 20/200 for navigators. Vision for both must be correctable to 20/20. Applicants who have a history of Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK), Radial Keratotomy (RK), or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) are ineligible for aviation duty.

Question: Does the Air Force have Reserve opportunities?
Answer: Yes. 

coast guard

Question: does the coast guard have a sniper rifle and name them?
Answer: yes they have
M14PEO M14 EBR.jpg7.62x51mm NATO,Designated marksman rifle United StatesVariant of the M14 service rifle fitted with the Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle stock
Mk 11SR-25 pic02.jpg7.62x51mm NATOSniper rifle United StatesUsed by the Deployable Operations Group[29]
M107M107 1.jpg.50 BMGAnti-materiel rifle, sniper rifle United StatesUsed for Airborne Use of Force (AUF) missions

Question: What is the most challenging rescue ?
Answer: The fog on the water was very thick and only about 100 to 200 feet above the water, which made our area of visibility extremely limited for searching. After about 40 minutes of searching, our flight mechanic spotted some debris in the water. It was a trail of breadcrumbs that brought us to a boat-less man holding onto some crab pot buoys fighting for his life.

Question: What were your thoughts right before your very first jump?
Answer: Don’t look down, don’t look down.” *Jump* “I’m looking down, I’m looking down.” *Face plant*

Question: Ever wonder about sharks? 
Answer: Yes, but only wonder. 

Question: What is the process of becoming a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer from enlistment to GRAD. of A-School?
Answer: After enlistment, you get to sit around and wait for a ship date - the date you go to Boot Camp. This date may be anything from a couple days to nearly a year from when you raise your hand. 

The majority of folks will go to Boot Camp as an E-1, and will get advanced to E-2 at graduation. At this time, you will get orders to - and report to - your first unit. 

Your first unit and your duties there will depend entirely upon whether you are a Fireman, Seaman or Airman. As a Fireman, you will work in the Engineering section of your unit, as a Seaman, you will work in the Deck Department, and as an Airman, you will work as a member of the aircrew. The overwhelming odds are that you will start your career as a Fireman or Seaman. 

Once six months pass and you are advanced to E-3. When you make that rate, you will be able to put your name on the waiting list for your "A" school ("advanced" school) for AST. Once you pass your physical and are actually approved, you will be moved to work at an Air Station. The wait for AST "A" School is about two years right now, so once your name goes on the list, it'll be two years before you learn how to jump out of helicopters and rescue people. Don't be surprised by this. 

You will need to talk to somebody from an Air Station to find out specifically what a non-rated Airman does at an Air Station. From what I know, you will get a thorough overview of what folks do in the aviation community... the AMTs and AETs alike... as well as the ASTs. 

I would like you to beware, however... the stuff you see at the recruiter's office is all set to get you excited about three ratings - Boatswain's Mate (the folks that drive the boats through the raging surf), Machinist's Mate (engineers), and AST (your chosen rate). There are 15 other ratings out there - and I would caution you to not ignore them. You may end up enlisting for AST, and changing your mind for something else. If this happens, don't worry about it!! That is why we have the non-rate program, so you can see the various ratings to see what you would really like to do when you have to select.

army and navy football game

Question: who won navy or army?
Answer: navy won

Question: what was the score of the game?
Answer: Navy scored a 17-10 victory over Army 
2014 Army–Navy Game
Black Knights700310

Question: who has the  Longest Winning Streak navy or army?
Answer: Navy's 12-year winning streak is the longest in the history of the rivalry between Navy and Army, which began in 1890. They lead the series 58-49-7.

Question: are these players on navy or army ?
1Raymond MaplesSRSB6-1220Philadelphia, Pa./W. Philadelphia Catholic (USMAPS)
1Tevin LongSODB5-11200Katy, Texas/Royal (USMAPS)
2Kelvin WhiteJRTE6-3241Enola, Pa./East Pennsboro (USMAPS)
2Steven JohnsonSODB6-0191Newburgh, N.Y./Newburgh Free Academy (USMAPS)
3Josh JenkinsSODB6-0196Pittsburg, Calif./De La Salle (USMAPS)
3Angel SantiagoSRQB5-11201Fontana, Calif./Etiwanda (USMAPS)
4Matthew KaufmannSOQB5-9197McAllen, Texas/McAllen Memorial (USMAPS)
4Marques AverySRDB6-1200Pasco, Wash./Pasco (USMAPS)
5Chris ZookFRDB6-0182Houston, Texas/Saint Thomas
6Geoffery BaconSRDB6-0215Milwaukee, Wis./Riverside (USMAPS)
6Jacob OwensJRTE6-4241Athens, Ga./Madison County (USMAPS)
7Dalton MendenhallJRLB6-2235Tacoma, Wash./Rogers (USMAPS)
8Blake GoddardFRS5-11193Frontenac, Mo./Kirkwood
9Hayden PierceSRDB6-4197Yorba Linda, Calif./Esperanza (USMAPS)
10Gervon SimonSODB5-11203Johnstown, Pa./Greater Johnstown (USMAPS)
10Trenton TurrentineSRRB5-8215Keller, Texas/Central (USMAPS)
11Andrew KingSOLB6-0235Queens Village, N.Y./Flushing (USMAPS)
11A.J. SchurrJRQB6-0209Libertyville, Ill./Libertyville (USMAPS)
13Seth CombsSOLB6-0218New Albany, Ind./St. Xavier (Ky.)
14Seth GonzalesFRQB6-1204El Paso, Texas/Chapin
14Chris CarnegieJRDB6-0200Oakland, Calif./St. Mary's College (USMAPS)
15Issac WintersSRDB5-9188El Paso, Texas/Graham-Kapowsin (USMAPS)
15DeAndre BellJRWR6-1219Prairie View, Texas/Waller (USMAPS)
16Lamar Johnson-HarrisSRDB5-9180Milwaukee, Wis./Nicolet (USMAPS)
16Christian ReedFRRB5-7146Lexington, S.C./Columbia (USMAPS)
17Ahmad BradshawFRQB5-11196Chicago, Ill./Gwendolyn Brooks (USMAPS)
17Mitchell HowardSOK6-1183Walnut Creek, Calif./Las Lomas
18Jared RogersJRDB5-8180Baton Rouge, La./Episcopal (USMAPS)
19Michael McFaddenJRDB6-1196Harvest, Ala./Westminster Christian Academy
19Tony GiovannelliSRRB6-1201Chatham, Ill./Glenwood
19Cale BrewerJRK6-0196Prosper, Texas/Prosper
20Tunde AkinniyiSRDB6-1198Carrollton, Texas/Creekview (USMAPS)
20Lawrence ScottSRRB5-11209Ballwin, Mo./Parkway South
21Chevaughn LawrenceSRWR6-1222Fairview Heights, Ill./O'Fallon Township
21Alex AukermanAnswer: they are on army

Question: how much are the tickets ?
SUITE 22SUITE1 left$26058.00
SUITE 112SUITE1 left$20826.00