Fahrenheit 451


Question: Who is the main character?
Answer: Guy Montag

Question: What is the name of Montag's wife in the book?
Answer: Mildred

Question: What is the name of the second character you are introduced to in the book?
Answer: Clarisse Mclelan

Question: Who is the fire captain?
Answer: Captain Beatty

Question: What is Mrs. Phelps' last name?
Answer: Clara

Movie Differences

Question: What is Mildred's name in the movie?
Answer: Linda

Question: What main foil was excluded from the movie?
Answer: Faber

Question: How old is Clarisse in the movie?
Answer: 20.

Question: What nature reference is excluded from the movie?
Answer: The Hound

Question: What happened in the end of the book but not in the end of the movie?
Answer: The city was bombed.

Fill in the Blank

Question: It was a pleasure to _______.
Answer: burn

Question: Her head turned although she was obviously not _________.
Answer: Listening

Question: Fire is bright and fire is _______.
Answer: clean

Question: We'll start over at the _________.
Answer: Beginning 

Question: The favorite subject, _______.
Answer: myself


Question: Who said "Kerosene is nothing but perfume to me" ?
Answer: Guy Montag

Question: Who said "I'm 17 and I'm crazy" ?
Answer: Clarisse

Question: Who said "Fool Montag, fool, oh God you silly fool." ?
Answer: Faber

Question: Who said "We're book burners too." ?
Answer: Granger

Question: Who said "Who is more important, me or the bible?" 
Answer: Mildred

Nature References

Question: What is a salamander?
Answer: A fire truck.

Question: What is a beetle?
Answer: A car

Question: What is a "seashell" ?
Answer: An earphone

Question: What is a butterfly?
Answer: A helicopter

Question: What is a phoenix?
Answer: A mythical creature that gets reborn in flames