6th Grade Final Review

Name that Theme

Question: Panama City is known for its tall buildings and unique architecture.

Answer: Place

Question: Brazil is southeast of Panama.

Answer: Location (relative)

Question: Chiriqui exports coffee to the United States and Colombia.

Answer: Movement

Question: The old Spanish fort of Portobelo is on the Caribbean side of Panama.

Answer: Place: because it shows why Portobelo is important

Question: The Aztecs built a city on top of a lake by building causeways and canals.

Answer: Human Environment Interaction

The Earth

Question: What 2 things cause the Earth's seasons?

Answer: Tilt (of the Earth) and Latitude

Question: Name the three parts of the water cycle.

Answer: Evaporation, Precipitation, and Condensation (also Run-off)

Question: What is an archipelago?
What is an isthmus?

Answer: Archipelago: group of islands

Isthmus: narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses

Question: What are the highest mountains in Europe?

Answer: the Alps (in Switzerland)


Explaintwo ways that you can help to preserve fresh water sources.


Two ways to save fresh water would be 1) by using less water,making sure your faucet isn’t running for too long and fixing any leak that iswasting water, and 2) by using fresh water for the right reasons (washing,drinking, etc. but not wasting it).

The Americas

Question: Name the three mountain ranges in Mexico.


Sierra Madredel Sur, Sierra Madre Occidental, and Sierra Madre Oriental


Name the three mountain ranges in theU.S.

Answer: Appalachian,Rocky, Sierra Nevada


What is a Banana Republic AND what arethree problems did Banana Republics cause in Central America?



Banana Republics are economies/governments based around 1 product, like the banana.

-Led tothe rise of military dictators

-Led to disagreements about government which led tocivil war

-Led to many problems because it was an economy thatwas based on 1 product


Becausethe Incas lived in the Andes Mountains, they had to adapt their lifestyle bydoing what three things?


-Building terraces

-Constructing suspension bridges

-Using messengers (chasquis)


Describethe conditions of working in a sweatshop. How can you as a consumer help peopleliving and working in these bad conditions?



Sweatshops are factories where workers work for very low pay forlong hours under poor conditions.

As a consumer (buyer), you can help people in sweatshops bybuying products that are Fair Trade from companies that treat their workerswell and don’t employ children.


Question: The Greeks created _________________,which inspired the government that both Panama and the U.S. have today.
Answer: democracy


The Benelux countriesinclude:

Answer: -Belgium, theNetherlands, and Luxembourg


The ____________ _______________ helped Russiansimmigrate to Siberia and improve transportation and trade.

Answer: Transcontinental Railroad

Question: Describe the physical geography of Northern Europe.


The physical geography ofNorthern Europe:

is made up oflow mountain ranges and jagged coastline

Question: Why is learning geography important? (can use Biblical examples)

Learninggeography is important, because God commanded us to take care of the Earth (begood stewards of His Creation). It is important to learn about other culturesand places in the world, so we can more effectively share the gospel withpeople in a way they can understand.


Genesis 1:26:Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, and let them rule over the fishof the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth andover all the creatures that move along the ground.


Psalm 24:1-2The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,…


Psalm 96:11-12Let the Heavens be glad and let the Earth rejoice.. (creation worships God)



Explain what causes lightning.

Answer: Positive andnegative charges attracting in static electricity

Question: What is the name of the U.S. National Anthem? 
Answer: TheStar Spangled Banner

Question: Name three examples of climate zones.


Examples of climate zones

Polar,Temperate, Arid, Highland, Humid Tropical, Tundra

Question: What are 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of living in the mountains?

Answer: + natural barrier acts as protection against enemies
+ scenic beauty

-communication and transportation is more difficult
-you have to be careful of avalanches and mud slides
-colder climates depending on elevation and less oxygen to breathe


Define Communism in your own words.

Answer: Communism is atype of government where the government owns and controls everything. Its goalis a society where everything is shared equally.