7gr History S1 Final

Meso-America and Andean Civilizations

Question: If you were a Mayan who lived in the tropical lowlands of Mexico, you would have to adapt your home and hunting practices to what type of landscape?

Answer: Dense rainforest

Question: Incan farmers developed what farming techniques to combat soil erosion and make it easier to farm on hill sides?
Answer: Terraced farming

Question: In order for the Aztecs to adapt to the swampy regions of their capital city in order to get food they built floating gardens called _____________.
Answer: Chinampas

Question: What was the name of the peninsula on which the Mayan civilization was located?
Answer: Yucatan Peninsula

Question: Mayans had to farm in a dense rainforest. In order to adapt to this environment they developed a farming technique known as _______ ___ ________.
Answer: slash and burn


Question: Salat is a pillar of Islam that embodies prayer. How many times a day are Muslims required to pray? Towards which direction?
Answer: 5 times a day/ Mecca

Question: The pillar of Siyam occurs during the month of Ramadan. What are Muslims required to do during this time?
Answer: Fast during the day. (Not eat or drink while the sun is up)

Question: Zakat is the pillar of Islam that asks Muslims to _______________________
Answer: give alms or charity.

Question: The _________ is the pillar of Islam that asks Muslims to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.
Answer: Hajj

Question: The ___________ is the Muslim declaration of faith in which they declare their belief in one god, Allah.
Answer: Shahadah

West African Kingdoms

_________ was a frequently traded natural resource that could be found in the forest regions of West Africa and desired by North Africans because it was used as currency. It was often traded for salt.

Answer: Gold

Question: Because it was needed to preserve meat and maintain a functioning body, ____________ was extremely valuable in West Africa.
Answer: Salt

Question: - Its location allowed them to tax traders needing to pass through their lands
- Maintaining control of the gold-salt trade
- A silent barter system that gave it an advantage in their dealings with Muslim traders

All these factors contributed to the growth of which West African Kingdom?

Answer: Ghana

Question: A West African citizen who began to accept the new religion introduced by Muslim merchants traveling in trans–Saharan merchants most likely would start practicing the __   _______   ___   __________.

Answer: 5 pillars of Islam

Question: In the West African city of Timbuktu in the Mali Empire, academics formed a library of international texts translated into. 

Answer: Arabic

Imperial China

If you wanted a job in government service under the Song dynasty, you would have to:

Answer: pass a civil service exam

Whom did the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan trust most to hold government jobs?

Answer: Mongols and Foreigners

Question: During the ___________ dynasty, government officials were chosen from the aristocracy, or the noble class.
Answer: Tang

Question: A _______________ is a type of society in which people are chosen based on proven ability. This was the type of society embodied by the Song dynasty.
Answer: meritocracy

Question: During the Tang dynasty _______________ was brought to China from India and became the official religion.
Answer: Buddhism

Constructed Response Practice

Question: What is one invention from Imperial China that changed communication or the manner in which information is passed on?
Answer: movable type
woodblock printing

Question: What 3 reasons that people live near rivers?
Answer: 1. Fish and food provided by the river
2. Fertile soil which makes for better farming
3. Fast transportation/ they are used as trade routes

Question: During the Yuan Dynasty China's foreign policy was ______ _______. Trade increased with other countries and foreigners were welcome in China.
Answer: Open-door policy

Question: Name a civilization whose populations began near rivers? Name those rivers.
Answer: West African Kingdoms ( Niger River/ Senegal River)
China ( Yangtze River/ Yellow River)

Question: When the West African Kingdoms began to adopt Islam they adopted the ____________ language which provided them with ability to write down their history.
Answer: Arabic