ICP midterm

Scientific Method

Question: For a hypothesis to be scientific, it must be this
Answer: What is testable.

Question: Galileo's success with science was due to his emphasis on this
Answer: What are experiments

Question: in science, the idea of prediction is this
Answer: What is part of the scientific method

Question: Ideas that cannot be tested are regarded as this
Answer: What is unscientific

Question: A person who says "THat's only a theory" doesn't know that a scientific theory is this
Answer: What is a synthesis of well-tested hypotheses and facts

Hodge Podge

Question: The strength of science is that scientific theories can do this
Answer: What is change with new data

Question: This is a useful tool
Answer: What is technology

Question: Science advanced when Galileo favored this
Answer: What is experiment over philosophical discussions

Question: He influenced Newton's first law of motion
Answer: Who is Galileo

Question: According to the law of inertia, object in motion remain in motion when this happens
Answer: What is no net force acts


Question: nellie runs a 100 yard football field in 20 seconds Her average speed is this
Answer: What is 5 yards/second

Question: If Joan's horse trots across a 50 meter track in 5 seconds its average speed is this
Answer: what is 10 m/s

Question: THis is not a vector quantity
Answer: What is speed

Question: An object will accelerate when this occurs
Answer: What is it is pushed or pulled with a net force

Question: The acceleration of a raindrop that falls at a constant velocity
Answer: What is zero


Question: Mechanical equilibrium occurs when this happens
Answer: What is no changes of motion occur

Question: Place a book on a table that weighs 10 N and the support force will be this
Answer: What is 10 N

Question: Jason sits on his brother's shoulders. The brother weighs 400 N and Jason weighs 150 N. The support force is this
Answer: What is 550 N

Question: When dishes remain on a table after you yank away a tablecloth, this happens
Answer: What is inertia

Question: A girl pushes a cart to the left with a 100-N force. A boy pushes it to the right with a 50-N force. This is the net force
Answer: What is 50 N to the left


Question: This scientist found the connection between force, mass and acceleration
Answer: Who is Newton

Question: A fast moving ball on a bowling alley gradually slows as it rolls. The horizontal force is this
Answer: What is friction

Question: A force is the push or pull that is required to change this
Answer: What is the state of motion of an object

Question: A force interaction requires at least this
Answer: What is two forces

Question: The force that propels a rocket is provided by this
Answer: What is its exhaust gases