The Federalist Era

The First President

Question: The 3 department heads and the attorney general who worked for President Washington in the executive branch were called the 
Answer: cabinet

Question: The ten amendments to the Constitution are know as
Answer: Bill of Rights

Question: Hamilton thought that development of _____ would make the economy stronger.
Answer: manufacturing

Question: This Act established the court system.
Answer: Judiciary Act of 1789

Question: What were the two main reasons that Madison and Jefferson opposed the establishment of a national bank?
Answer: 1. unconstitutional
2. give the wealthy too much power over national finances

Early Challenges

Question: Why did western farmers resent the new government's 1791 tax on alcoholic beverages?
Answer: Many farmers distilled their grain into valuable whiskey before they shipped it to the market.

Question: Native Americans in Ohio surrendered most of their land by signing what treaty?
Answer: Treaty of Greenville

Question: In Washington's __________, he attacked the evils of political parties and entanglement in foreign affairs.
Answer: Farewell Address

Question: Why did President Washington send General Arthur St. Clair to fight Native Americans in the Northwest Territory in 1791?
Answer: To restore order

Question: President Washington too this position in 1793.
Answer: neutrality

The 1st Political Parties

Question: What early political party favored banking, business, and a strong national government?
Answer: Federalist

Question: Which two major political leaders organized the opposition to the Federalist?
Answer: Jefferson and Madison

Question: According to Federalists, the government had ______ powers that were suggested but not directly stated in the Constitution.
Answer: implied

Question: America's second president, John Adams negotiated an end to conflict with which European nation?
Answer: France

Question:  Meeting at which a national party selects candidates
Answer: caucus

Vocabulary and People

Question: Idea linked to states' rights
Answer: nullification

Question: The first chief justice
Answer: John Jay

Question: Washington's secretary of state who favored limited government
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

Question: This was considered unconstitutional according to Madison and Jefferson.
Answer: National Bank

Question: Who was defeated at Fallen Timbers
Answer: Blue Jacket

More Vocabulary and people

Question: a note issued by the government, which promises to pay off a loan with interest.
Answer: bond

Question: an immigrant living in a country in which he or she is not a citizen
Answer: alien

Question: favoring one side
Answer: partisan

Question: A tax on imports or exports is called 
Answer: tariff

Question: French Diplomat sent to the U.S. during the conflict between France and Britain.
Answer: Edmond Genet