5.f. Show

Mixed 1

Question: Who is the queen of England?
Answer: Queen Elisabeth

Question: Who is the football player from Barcelona with number 11?
Answer: Neymar

Question: Hhat does 'forret' mean in english?
Answer: First course

Question: How many people live in Denmark?
Answer: Around 5,6 million

Question: What is 'Julemanden' called in english?
Answer: Santa Claus

Mixed 2

Question: What make up brand is the right one - M.A.C or MAYBELINE New York?
Answer: M.A.C.

Question: What is the name of the four seasons?
Answer: Summer, autumn, winther and spring

Question: What is the name of summerfugl in english?
Answer: Butterfly

Question: Who is Christophers drummer?
Answer: Thomas Drachmann Danielsen

Question: Who won the world cup in 2010?
Answer: Spain


Question: Mus
Answer: Mouse

Question: Julekalender
Answer: Christmas Calendar

Question: Veranda
Answer: Porch

Question: Sofa
Answer: Couch

Question: Klaver
Answer: Piano

Famous people

Question: Who is behind the great hit 'Baby'?
Answer: Justin Bieber

Question: Who is playing Harry Potter in the movies?
Answer: Daniel Radcliffe

Question: What is the name of Christophers parents?
Answer: Liselotte and Gert

Question: What is the name of the famous singer who is a guest preformer in 'How i met your mother'?
Answer: Katy Perry

Question: Who is the new band who is famous for being the new one direction?
Answer: 5SOS (Five Seconds Of Summer)

Tricky questions

Question: How many days are there in december?
Answer: 31

Question: Who won the football world cup in 2007?
Answer: None, there wasnt any worldcup in 2007

Question: Who is Gustavs boyfriend's boyfriend?
Answer: Gustav

Question: How many goals did Denmark score against Albania in the european championship in 1992?
Answer: None, they didnt play Albania

Question: Poor people have it, rich people need. If you eat, you'll die. What is it?
Answer: Nothing