Chapter 2 Animals


Question: What is a trait?
Answer: A trait is a body feature that is passed on to an animal from its parents.

Question: What is a caterpillar called once it hatches from its egg?
Answer: It is a larva.

Question: What is a behavior that an animal is born able to do? (Example: Baby birds open their mouths when they sense a parent with food is near.)
Answer: An instinct.

Question: What stage is the larva in when it forms a hard covering around itself?
Answer: The larva is now a pupa.

Question: What is the difference between hibernate and migrate?
Answer: Migrate: Animals have an instinct to move when the seasons change to warmer weather to survive the winter.

Hibernate: Animals have the instinct to slow their bodies down during the winter to save energy, and they don't need as much food to survive.


Question: What is a vertebrate?
Answer: An animal with a backbone.

Question: Why is it important for animals to have a backbone?
Answer: Backbones offer strong support, and allows the vertebrates to grow. 

Question: Name two examples of amphibians. 
Answer: Frogs, Toads, Salamanders 

Question: Does a backbone grow as an animal grows?
Answer: Yes, the backbone grows with the animal.

Question: Name all 5 groups of vertebrates.
Answer: Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals


Question: What is an invertebrate?
Answer: An animal without a backbone.

Question: Which animals are among the largest group of invertebrates?
Answer: Insects.

Question: Do invertebrates grow as big as vertebrates? Why?
Answer: No, because their body structure cannot support large animals.

Question: Are there more invertebrates or vertebrates?
Answer: There are more invertebrates that make up the total for our animals.

Question: Name all 4 kinds of invertebrates.
Answer: Sea Jellies, Worms, Mollusks, Arthropods


Question: What is an adaptation? 
Answer: A trait that helps an animal meet its needs in the place where it lives?

Question: Adaptations, such as webbed feet, are 1._________ from parents to their young. 2. Why is this an important adaptation?
Answer: 1. Inherited
2. This is important because they help the bird swim and survive in the water where it lives.

Question: If an arctic fox changes its fur color with the seasons what kind of protection is it using?
Answer: Camouflage

Question: Name the four ways animals can protect themselves.
Answer: Camouflage, Armor, Mimicry, Poison

Question: What is it called when an animal has colors or markings that copy those of a more dangerous animal?
Answer: Mimicry

What Else?!

Question: Name two animals that go through metamorphosis.
Answer: Butterflies, Frogs

Question: What are two things that a frog must develop in order to live on land?
Answer: Lungs, Legs

Question: What is a space in the shape of an animal in rock called?
Answer: Fossil mold

Question: What is a fossil cast?
Answer: Over time, a mold will get filled in with other rock materials.

Question: What is it called when sap turns into a hard, yellow substance?
Answer: Amber