6th Grade Year-End Review

Middle Ages

Question: Name four barbarian tribes
Answer: Angles, Saxons, Franks, Magyars, Visigoths, Vandals, etc.

Question: What event triggered the beginning of the Middle Ages?
Answer: The fall of Rome

Question: What is feudalism?
Answer: A structure in which poor people pledge loyalty and labor to rich and powerful landowners in exchange for protection.

Question: What were three significant accomplishments of Charlemagne?
Answer: Uniting a large section of Europe, allowing women to study, changing the barter system to coins, standardizing writing/reading, etc.

Question: Which Germanic tribes ultimately settled in what is now England?
Answer: Angles and Saxons


Question: What is a 'symbol' in literature?
Answer: An object or thing that stands for something larger and more complicated

Question: How was the weather 'symbolic' in Roll of Thunder?
Answer: The weather was a symbol for the trouble that was always "pouring down" in the Logans

Question: In a story map, what do the x- and y-axes represent?
Answer: Time and intensity

Question: What is the relaxation at the end of a story (after the climax) called?
Answer: Denouement

Question: What does the word 'analysis' mean?
Answer: To break something down in order to understand it.

Latin America

Question: What two countries are immediately to the south of Mexico?
Answer: Guatemala and Belize

Question: Why does most of the water in South America flow into the Atlantic ocean?
Answer: The Andes Mountains

Question: Who was Elian Gonzalez, and what ultimately happened to him?
Answer: He was a six-year-old Cuban who landed in Florida. His mother died on the trip, but his father was still in Cuba. Ultimately, he was sent back.

Question: What are the two countries on the island of Hispaniola?
Answer: Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Question: In the Texaco documentary, one of the lawyers said that Latin America has been treated like the "backyard of the United States" for a long time. What did he mean by this?
Answer: He means that Latin America has not been respected and that the Unites States has been "messing around" with it, using it, and trying to turn it into what we want.


Question: What are the major features of capitalism?
Answer: Competition, little government involvement, markets determine prices, private ownership, individual profit, etc.

Question: What do the words 'industry' or 'industrial' refer to?
Answer: Production of goods using machines (factories, mills, etc.)

Question: What is the relationship between socialism and communism?
Answer: Communism is the most extreme form of socialism.

Question: How can Orwell's "Animal Farm" be seen as a criticism of BOTH capitalism and communism?
Answer: Capitalism = Problems at the beginning of the story
Communism = Problems at the end (Napoleon, pigs, etc.)

Question: Although the United States is considered a 'capitalism,' we are not a pure capitalism. Name three 'socialist-style' programs that many people in the United States count on.
Answer: Free public education, social welfare, health care programs, anti-trust laws, food stamps, environmental laws, health regulations for restaurants, etc.

Classical Antiquity

Question: Who wrote the Allegory of the Cave?
Answer: Plato

Question: What are three important things that we inherited from the Greeks?
Answer: Math, architecture, democracy, olympics, philosophy, etc.

Question: What are the dates commonly associated with the Greek empire (Classical Antiquity)?
Answer: 800BC - Year 0

Question: What are three things (social supports or structures) that disappeared when Rome fell, causing the early Middle Ages to be violent and chaotic?
Answer: Central government, military protection, roads, laws, educational centers, etc.

Question: What is the most historically significant thing that happened during the entire history of the Greek and Roman empires?
Answer: The establishment of Christianity