World History


Question: What is irrigation? 
Answer: A system that brings water to fields and homes.

Question: What were the three early crops?
Answer: Corn, beans, and squash.

Question: What are Nomads?
Answer: People who have no single settlement. 

Question: What were cattle, camels, horses, and donkeys used for?
Answer: To carry heavy loads.

Question: What animals helped with hunting?
Answer: Dogs

Early Civilizations

Question: Who came up with the oldest known written language?
Answer: Sumerians.

Question: What does it mean to be polytheistic? 
Answer: To believe in multiple gods.

Question: What are oral traditions?
Answer: Stories carried down through verbal stories.

Question: What alphabet did we base our own alphabet on? 
Answer: The Phoenician alphabet. 

Question: Who were the first scribes and what were the first writings written on?
Answer: The Sumerians were the first scribes and the first writings were written on clay.

Greek Myths

Question: Who hid the Minotaur in the Labyrinth?
Answer: King Minos 

Question: Who slayed the serpent Python?
Answer: Apollo.

Question: Who was the son of Rustem?
Answer: Sohrab. 

Question: Which gorgon sister was born mortal?
Answer: Medusa.

Question: Why did the demon, Grendal, attack Danes?
Answer: He was provoked by all the singing and noise made by the villagers of Danes.

World History

Question: What is the capital of Israel?
Answer: Jerusalem. 

Question: What does famine mean?
Answer: Mass starvation. 

Question: What two major rivers that people settled around?
Answer: The Tigris and Euphrates. 

Question: What do historians study?
Answer: The written record of human life and accomplishments.

Question: What items were typically sold at bazaars (early market places)?
Answer: Figs, olives, honey, and spices.


Question: What are the four major kinds of land forms?
Answer: Mountains, plains, plateaus, and hills. 

Question: What is the world's largest lake?
Answer: Lake Superior. 

Question: What is the longest river in the world?
Answer: The Nile.

Question: What are three things that alter the earth?
Answer: Wind, water, and ice. 

Question: What percent of the earth's water is freshwater?
Answer: 3%