Bill of rights

Question: what is the bill of rights
Answer: the first 10 amendments

Question: What is the 2nd amendment grant us
Answer: Right to bear arms

Question: Whats does the 5th amendment grant us
Answer: Rights in criminal cases

Question: Who proposed the bill of rights 
Answer: James Madison

Question: How many amendments are there
Answer: 27

Three Branches of Government

Question: What are the three branches of government
Answer: Judicial, Legislative, and Executive

Question: What is another name for the legislative branch?
Answer: congress 

Question: Name the three people or buildings that are in the legislative branch
Answer: Congress, Senate, and The House Of Representatives

Question: What branch is the president in
Answer: Executive

Question: Name what each branch does
Answer: Executive= Carries out the laws
Legislative= Makes laws
Judicial= Evaluates laws

The Constitution

Question: What are the first words of the constitution
Answer: We the people

Question: When was the constitution ratified 
Answer: 1789

Question: Where is the constitution kept
Answer: Washington DC

Question: Where was the constitution written 
Answer: The Pennsylvania State House

Question: Who was the oldest person to sign the constitution
Answer: Benjamin Franklin (81)


Question: What is a confederation
Answer: a union of states in which each member state retains some independent control over internal and external affairs 

Question: What is Republicism 
Answer: a system which citizens elect representatives who are responsible to the people

Question: What is federalism 
Answer: The sharing of power between a central government and the states that make up a country

Question: What is popular sovereignty

Answer: The ideas that political authority belongs to the people

Question: What is ratification

Answer: Official approval

The Colonies

Question: How many colonies are there 
Answer: 13

Question: Who founded Jamestown
Answer: The pilgrims

Question: What was the last colony founded
Answer: Georgia

Question: Who founded Pennsylvania 
Answer: William Penn

Question: Who founded New York
Answer: The duke of york