European Explorers Ch 4


Question: The name the Europeans used for the Americas
Answer: New World

Question: Brave men who sailed small ships across large oceans in search of new lands.
Answer: Explorers

Question: People who look for sunken ships in order to understand the Europeans who first explored the Americas.
Answer: Archeologists

Question: A crop that was grown primarily to sell to Europeans in order to buy goods.
Answer: Cash crop

Question: The time period during the 1500s when Europeans started searching for lands they didn't know.
Answer: Age of Exploration


Question: The sacred book of the Christian religion
Answer: Bible

Question: Native plants grown only in the New World.  Europeans wanted them shipped to Europe.
Answer: Food (tomatoes, corn, pineapple)

Question: Metals that bring great wealth
Answer: Gold and Silver

Question: A leafy plant Europeans chewed or smoked and became addicted to.
Answer: Tobacco

Question: This navigational tool helped explorers because it included land and sea features such as rocky shores, safe ports, ocean currents, and wind directions.
Answer: Map

Artifacts Part 2

Question: This artifact allowed an explorer to claim land for their country
Answer: Flag

Question: This navigation tool allowed sailors to know which direction they were headed.
Answer: Compass

Question: This navigation tool allowed sailors to determine their location and stay on course by measuring angles.
Answer: Astrolabe

Question: How does a compass work?
Answer: It always points north, so sailors can always figure out which direction they are going.

Question: DAILY DOUBLE: How did sailors use an astrolabe?
Answer: They held it on its edge and tilted the bar towards the sun or a star.  They could then measure the angle and determine latitude.

Motivation, Tech, or Product

Question: Bible
Answer: European motivation for exploration

Question: Food
Answer: New World product

Question: Compass
Answer: European technology for exploration

Question: Tobacco
Answer: New World product

Question: Gold and silver
Answer: European motivation for exploration


Question: Which European technology was constantly changing and why?
Answer: Maps, because explorers were continuously finding new places and information to add to the maps.

Question: What did slaves use to make gold bars and coins?
Answer: Ore

Question: Which type of artifact lasts the longest underwater?  
A. plants 
B. metal, 
C. wooden
D. animal products

Answer: Metal

Question: DAILY DOUBLE: What technology allows archaeologists to use sound to locate sunken objects?
Answer: Sonar

Question: DAILY DOUBLE: Why were Europeans afraid to eat tomatoes at first?
Answer: It resembled and was related to the Deadly Nightshade, a poisonous plant.