HMS Computer Lab


Question: Where do you go access Moodle?
Answer: The HMS webpage

Question: Your Moodle Log in is the same as your?
Answer: Computer Log in

Question: How many Moodle pages does Mr. Pimentel have?
Answer: 6

Question: Mr. Pimentel sends us to our Moodle page, while he has many the main one is called what?
Answer: Computers, Technology and the 21st Century

Question: What 2 subjects are listed under Specialists?
Answer: Math and Reading


Question: What do you click on to make a new google doc
Answer: Create, Doc

Question: What is the full address of our school Gmail address?
Answer: hampstead.k12.nh.us

Question: Can you share a document with anyone or just a Google Docs user?
Answer: Anyone with an email address

Question: How do you share a document with one person?
Answer: Click share and then enter the persons email address

Question: Google allows you to work on your projects anywhere. What is this called?
Answer: Cloud Computing

Around the School

Question: How many computers are in the computer lab?
Answer: 30

Question: Can you spell Mr. P's last name?
Answer: Pimentel

Question: What is the name of the street the school is located on?
Answer: School Street

Question: Name the three secretaries in the office
Answer: Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Curry

Question: How many schools days do we have in a school year?
Answer: 180

What's it called

Question: This small device is the size of your thumb and can store your documents for transport
Answer: Flash drive

Question: When you save a picture to your computer the best format to use is?
Answer: JPeg

Question: This is the brains of your computer
Answer: CPU

Question: This is our Learning Management system. We use it all the time. What is the simple name for it?
Answer: Moodle

Question: This connects an iPad to the projector.
Answer: Dongle

Software and Hardware

Question: Give me one example of computer hardware
Answer: Monitor, KeyBoard, Printer, mouse, scanner

Question: What can you touch, hardware of software?
Answer: Hardware

Question: Microsoft office is hardware or software?
Answer: software

Question: A laptop is hardware of software?
Answer: Hardware

Question: Give me one example of Web 2.0 Hardware
Answer: There is none, web 2.0 is all software based