A More Perfect Union

Who Am I

Question: Person who wrote the final draft of the U.S. Constitution
Answer: Gouverneur Morris

Question: Believed all people have rights to life, liberty, and property
Answer: John Locke

Question: Led a rebellion of farmers in Massachusetts in 1786
Answer: Daniel Shays

Question: A merchant who headed a department of finance.
Answer: Robert Morris

Question: The idea that all people have natural rights could be traced back to...
Answer: John Locke


Question: The lawmaking branch of the government 
Answer: legislative branch

Question: supporters of the constitution were called
Answer: Federalists

Question: Created a national government with limited authority
Answer: Articles of Confederation

Question: This was not included in the Constitution until after it was ratified.
Answer: Bill of Rights

Question: Counted 5 enslaved people as 3 free persons for purposes of representation and taxation
Answer: Three-Fifths Compromise

American Revolution

Question: The Virginia Plan called for...
Answer: proportional representation

Question: After the American Revolution what states took steps to eliminate slavery?
Answer: Northern states

Question: The depreciation of currency, a reduction in trade and the inability of Congress to raise taxes caused what after the Revolutionary War.
Answer: The depression

Question: The first U.S Government raised money by...
Answer: asking states for money and selling lands on the frontier

Question: Rights embodied in early state constitutions can be traced back to 
Answer: English Bill of Rights

More Government

Question: Name the 3 branches of government
Answer: Legislative, executive and judicial

Question: What state initially refused to call a convention to consider ratifying the Constitution?
Answer: Rhode Island

Question: How did the Northwest Ordinance survey western lands?
Answer: into townships

Question: Who appoints federal judges?
Answer: The President

Question: What kind of representation do we have in the Senate?
Answer: Equal


Question: What does ISIS stand for?
Answer: Islamic State Iraq Syria

Question: Name one of two reasons for ratification of the Constitution.
Answer: Strong national government
proportional representation

Question: Another word for supreme power
Answer: Sovereignty

Question: Sharing power between the federal and state governments is called what?
Answer: Federalism

Question: A _____ is a system of government in which the people elect representatives to exercise power for them.
Answer: republic