The Giving Game

True or False

Question: True or False: In the story The Giver an apple is red? 
Answer: False, it is a shade of gray. 

Question: True or False: mother thought Lily would fit the job of storyteller 
Answer: True 

Question: True or False: They have love? 
Answer: False 

Question: True or False: when a birthmother has twins, the fatter one is released 
Answer: False, the smaller one is released 

Question: True or False: when Rosemary died the memories came back to the people
Answer: True 


Question: Who is the main character? 
Answer: Jonas

Question: What does Gabriel and Jonas have in common?
Answer: They both have pale eyes

Question: How many children does each family unit have? 
Answer: Each family must have 2 children, one female and one male

Question: When do they get their life assignments and start training for their jobs? 
Answer: Age 12

Question: What age do they get assigned their names and family units? 
Answer: Age 1


Question: What color is grass in the book? 
Answer: It is a shade of gray

Question: What is a dwelling? 
Answer: A house 

Question: Why couldn't the search plans see Jonas and Gabriel? 
Answer: They couldn't see color, so they blended in with their surroundings. 

Question: How was Rosemary released? 
Answer: She injected herself. 

Question: What was the worst memory?
Answer: War


Question: What kind of suffering is worse in The Giver- physical or emotional pain? 
Answer: Physical pain

Question: How did Jonas calm down Gabriel when he couldn't sleep? 
Answer: He gave Gabriel the memory of sailing. 

Question: Why couldn't the community have choices?
Answer: They might make a mistake 

Question: Why did Jonas tell the receiver to start giving him more painful memories?
Answer: To lighten the receiver's load because he was in so much pain. 

Question:  What did Jonas do to change the community?
Answer: Jonas ran elsewhere

Fun Fact

Question: Who wrote the book The Giver?
Answer: Lois Lowry

Question: Was Jonas ever given medication for his pain? 
Answer: No

Question: What is Jonas's dad job? 
Answer: Nurturer, responsible for all the physical and emotional needs for every new child. 

Question: What is one reason someone from the community would get released?
Answer: New children get released for not developing properly. 

Question: Which month do new children turn one?
Answer: December