The Bay Of Pigs


Question: Who was the leader of Cuba during the Bay of Pigs invasion?
Answer: Fidel Castro

Question: How many captured rebel soldiers were killed?
Answer: 114

Question: What country became Cuba's ally?
Answer: Soveit Union

Question: Who was the former dictator of Cuba?
Answer: Fulgencio Batista

Question: What type of government did Cuba have before the invasion?
Answer: Dictatorship


Question: Who did the communist fear?
Answer: United States

Question: What United States government agency helped to train the Cuban exiles who were involved in the invasion?
Answer: CIA

Question: How big was the invasion force of Cuban exiles?
Answer: 1500 People

Question: What US President ordered the invasion?
Answer: John F. Kennedy

Question: When did the Bay of Pigs invasion take place?
Answer: April 1861

Post Invasion

Question: Where was the invasion?
Answer: Bay of Pigs or Cuba

Question: Why did Kennedy not like the plan of invading?
Answer: He thought it could cause another world war

Question: Was the invasion was a great success for the United States and the Cuban exiles?
Answer: No

Question: What happened to most of the Cuban exiles who took part in the invasion?
Answer: They were captured by the Cuban army and some where killed

Question: Who proposed the Invasion?
Answer: Who proposed the Invasion?


Question: What nationality was Fidel Castro?
Answer: Cuban

Question: Why was Fulgencio Batista considered a bad dictator?
Answer: He was corrupt and was a repressive dictator

Question: What Cuban product was not allowed in America?
Answer: Sugar

Question: Who did Castro establish diplomatic relations with?
Answer: Soviet Union

Question: Who said they would buy Cuban sugar after the block from the US?
Answer: Soviet Union

section 5

Question: Who inherited Eisenhower's CIA campaign to train and equip a guerrilla army of Cuban exiles?
Answer: John F. Kennedy

Question: How did Castro hear about the attack?
Answer: It was broadcasting on a radio station by the beach

Question: Who did the CIA tell that, the US involvement in the invasion was going to be a secret?
Answer: President Kennedy

Question: Who won the so called INVASION?
Answer: Cuba

Question: What was the first part of the invasion?
Answer: To destroy Castro's air force