Unit 1 Health Review


Question: Hostile or unfriendly communication style
Answer: Aggressive communication

Question: Saying things to yourself 
Answer: Self-talk

Question: Feelings in response to an activity or an experience
Answer: Emotions

Question: A person who studies emotions and behaviors
Answer: Psychologist

Question: An unconscious behavior used to protect oneself from unpleasant emotions
Answer: Defense mechanism


Question: What was Maslow's first name?
Answer: Abraham

Question: This stage includes food, water, sleep and exercise...
Answer: The physical stage

Question: Which stage includes love, affection and acceptance
Answer: The Social stage

Question: A list of basic needs one must achieve on the way to self-actualization
Answer: Hierarchy of needs

Question: The achievement of the best a person could be
Answer: Self-actualization

Self Esteem

Question: True or False: A person's self-esteem can be changed
Answer: True

Question: Saying positive things about yourself is called
Answer: Self-talk

Question: True or False: People with high self-esteem can easily talk with people?
Answer: True

Question: Celebrating your strengths, using positive self-talk, and accepting yourself are ways you can do this
Answer: Improve your self-esteem

Question: Speaking positively about yourself, rewarding yourself when you do well, and having fun are ways you can 
Answer: Build self-esteem

Mental Disorders

Question: These are often misunderstood, treatable, and feared by some people
Answer: Mental disorders

Question: What is another name for depression?
Answer: Major depressive disorder

Question: Being hyperactive and unfocused is a sign of which mental disorder?
Answer: ADHD

Question: What are 3 forms of treatments for mental disorders
Answer: Psychotherapy, group therapy and medication

Question: Too much or too little sleep, eating too much or not enough and a feeling or helplessness and hopelessness can be signs of...
Answer: Depression


Question: What is the name of bad or negative stress in a person's life?
Answer: Distress

Question: Positive stress or good stress is called what?
Answer: Eustress

Question: The most immediate way to relieve stress
Answer: Breathing exercises

Question: This natural chemical can cause tensing of muscles, stopping of digestion and widening of pupils when a new stress enters a person's life
Answer: Epinephrine

Question: Having a serious illness could be included in which 2 types of stressors?
Answer: Biological and life change stressors