Question: What is the best browser for QuickBooks Online?
Answer: Google Chrome

Question: Which icon would I use to access the settings?
Answer: The gear icon

Question: Is there more than one place I can change my address and upload a logo?
Answer: No

Question: Where to I go to edit fields in the settings gear icon?
Answer: On the pencil icon

Question: Where do I go to customize my forms?
Answer: Gear icon > sales > customize

Home Page

Question: What is the name of the colorful bar?
Answer: The revenue bar

Question: I don't want anyone to see my bank balances on the first page. What do I do to make the balances not show?
Answer: Turn 'private mode' on

Question: Where can I access almost all functions fast.
Answer: plus sign / quick sign

Question: In the 'quick sign', can I create transactions for both vendors and customers?
Answer: yes

Question: What is the best way to access the Client Home Page?
Answer: Left navigation menu. Also see it when login in


Question: How would you add a customer?
Answer: Plus sign or 'new customer' under customer menu

Question: Is there a limit on how many customers you can have?
Answer: No

Question: What is the colorful bar called?
Answer: The Revenue Bar

Question: Where do I change/customize the look of the columns on the customer page?
Answer: On the gear icon on the top right in the customer page

Question: What does batch action mean above the names of the customers?
Answer: You can print or emails statements (more than one at a time) or email transactions.


Question: What is a vendor?
Answer: Anyone you pay money too (except employees)

Question: When would I use a 'Pay Bill' function?
Answer: When a bill has been entered at a prior time and you want to pay it.

Question: Can you prepare 1099s?
Answer: Yes

Question: Which can I do for a vendor? Create a Enter Bill or Sales Receipt?
Answer: Enter Bill (Bill)

Question: Give a list of two transaction types you can do for a vendor
Answer: Enter Bill, Purchase Order, Print Statement, Create Bill, Write Check