Emily Dickinson


Question: Where was she born?
Answer: Amherst, Massachusetts

Question: When was she born?
Answer: December 10th, 1830

Question: What was her mother's name?
Answer: Emily Norcross Dickinson

Question: Emily was the first child. True or false?
Answer: False, she was the middle child.

Question: Why didn't she move away from her home town?
Answer: She lived her life a recluse.


Question: What was her father's name?
Answer: Edward Dickinson.

Question: Who were the only people Emily talked to in her 40s?
Answer: Emily only talked to her family and some old friends.

Question: Who did she go to Amherst Academy with?
Answer: Lavinia

Question: Did she go to church with her family? If so, then why did she start going to church?
Answer: Yes she did. She started going to church because she experienced lots of death in her childhood.

Question: What was her sister's name?
Answer: Her sister's name was Lavinia.


Question: Was Emily ever married in her lifetime?
Answer: No, Emily was never married. She had no appeal to marriage.

Question: How did Emily feel most of her adulthood?
Answer: She was very lonely and this led to depression.

Question: Where did Emily graduate from?
Answer: Amherst Academy.

Question: Who was one of her known closest friends?
Answer: Charles Wadsworth.

Question: What religion was she?
Answer: Christian.


Question: Name at least one of her most famous poems.
Answer: "Hope", "Because I Could Not Stop for Death", "T'is so much joy", "Behind Me Dips Eternity", and/or "If I Can Stop"

Question: How many poems were published before her death
Answer: Only 7 poems where published.

Question: How many poems of hers (in total) were published?
Answer: Over seventeen hundred

Question: What is the name of this poem?
"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul,and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all"
Answer: "Hope"

Question: Was Emily's "Hope" poem published before or after her death
Answer: After


Question: What year did she die?
Answer: 1886

Question: What age did she die at?
Answer: 55 years old.

Question: About how many poems did Emily's younger sister find after she died?
Answer: hundreds.

Question: what color coffin was she buried in?
Answer: White.

Question: What scent of heliotrope did Emily have in her coffin?
Answer: Vanilla scented.