People that Died

Question: This person was murdered in their sleep.
Answer: King Duncan

Question: This person died, jumping off their balcony.
Answer: Lady Macbeth

Question: This person was murdered, along with their family.
Answer: Lady Macduff

Question: This person was killed by a revenging father, a noble Thane; seeking revenge on his family.
Answer: Macbeth

Question: This person was unseamed from the nave to th' chops.
Answer: Macdonwald

Ways of Death

Question: When you kill someone, this is called?
Answer: Murder

Question: Being underwater, unable to get your head above it, for an extremely long period of time.
Answer: Drowning

Question: When somebody gets their head cut off, this is called what?
Answer: Decapitation

Question: This was forced upon the Thane of Cawdor, after his betrayal.
Answer: A Hanging

Question: When you get cut open by a sword and cannot keep pressure on it for long enough to see a doctor this is called?
Answer: Bleeding to Death

Things related to death

Question: Forest outside of Dunsinane
Answer: Birmwood

Question: This is a sharp object commonly used in the kitchen, but can also be used to kill.
Answer: Knife / Dagger

Question: Cawdor, Prince of Cumberland, and King are all what?
Answer: Titles

Question: These old, ugly, beings are known for their evilness throughout Macbeth.
Answer: The Witches

Question: Something salty, and sometimes Gooey. It can stain things.
Answer: Blood

Things Rewarded by Death

Question: When someone does something to you, such as pulling a chair from under you, and you do something back to get back at them for what they did. This is called what?
Answer: Revenge

Question: When you gain a higher title such as; Principle, Manager, Assistant Manager, etc., you gain what?
Answer: Power

Question: When you work hard doing things such as; lifting weights, exercising, etc., you gain what?
Answer: Strength

Question: Although you have strength, you also have?
Answer: Weakness

Question: As you do things like reading books, studying cooking channels, learning how to do certain things; you gain?
Answer: Knowledge