Culinary 1


Question: What is cutting in?
Answer: Breaking a solid fat down into small pieces coated in flour

Question: Quickbreads are leavened with what?
Answer: Chemical leaveners

Question: The process of softening a fat and sugar 
Answer: Creaming

Question: Sifting dry ingredients, cutting in a cold fat and then adding the liquids describes this method of mixing
Answer: Biscuit

Question: What is tunneling? 
Answer: Air pockets in muffins caused by overmixing

Baking Techniques

Question: If a recipe says to fold in an ingredient, which mixer attachment should be used?
Answer: The mixer is not used to fold in.

Question: If a recipe says to bake a cake at 325 degrees, what temperature would I set on my convection oven?
Answer: 275 degrees

Question: Breaking a fat down into small pieces suspended in a liquid
Answer: Emulsification

Question: Softening dried fruit in hot water to rehydrate them
Answer: Plumping

Question: The process of incorporating a large amount of air
Answer: Whipping

Baking Ingredients

Question: This chocolate isn't chocolate
Answer: White chocolate

Question: This fat is white in color and neutral in flavor
Answer: Shortening

Question: What is gluten?
Answer: The protein in wheat which traps gases in baked goods

Question: Which flour has more gluten: AP or Cake
Answer: AP

Question: This dairy product has 60% of the water removed and sugar added to in
Answer: Sweetenened condensed milk

Food Safety

Question: What is a food contact surface?
Answer: A surface that comes in contact with food

Question: How often should food contact surfaces be cleaned?
Answer: Every four hours

Question: The best way to prevent contamination from bacteria
Answer: Control time and temperature

Question: What is the best way to prevent illness from viruses?
Answer: Good personal hygiene

Question: What is the TDZ? (#s)
Answer: 41-135

Mish Mosh

Question: Heating a food to high temperatures to kill bacteria
Answer: Pasteurization

Question: Passing dry ingredients through a fine mesh to remove lumps
Answer: Sifting

Question: This is developed by mixing flour and a liquid and then manipulating or mixing them together
Answer: Gluten

Question: The symptoms of foodborne illness include diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, fever and 
Answer: Abdominal cramps

Question: An employee must not be allowed to work if he has been diagnosed with any of these  5 illnesses
Answer: Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Shigella, Salmonella, E coli