End of Year Review


Question: Slavery was abolished by the
Answer: 13th Amendment

Question: This man made a fortune in the Oil industry
Answer: John D Rockefeller

Question: Labor Unions were formed as ealy as 1866 to assit
Answer: The needs of workers

Question: What would you call a poorly ventilated factory
Answer: sweatshop

Question: This man founded the Knights of the White Camilia in Polasky, Tennessee, in 1866.  The knights harassed, beat, tarred and feathered blacks and white supporters of blackes.  This mans name was?
Answer: Nathaniel Bedford Forrest the III


Question: A voters right could not be denied based on his race, creed, or color, these rights were protected by the
Answer: 15th Amendment

Question: The period of Reconstruction followed the
Answer: Civil War

Question: The three common goals most unions fought for were
Answer: Higher wages, better working conditions, shorter hours

Question: What are 3 ways blacks were disenfranchised when they tried to vote?
Answer: Poll taxes, Literacy Tests, and Grandfather clauses

Question: A very weathly person who donates large sums of money to local charities and organizations would be called a?  Many concidered Carnagie one.
Answer: Philantropist


Question: This Amendment guaranteed your rights as a citizen of the U.S. if you were born here
Answer: 14th Amendment

Question: Why did Nativists resent newly arriving Immigrants?
Answer: They feared they would take American Jobs

Question: What were some problems farmers faced during the later 1900's
Answer: Drought, falling farm prices, high costs of machinery

Question: Centers, like Hull house, that provided services to the poor were called
Answer: Settelment houses

Question: How were the ideas of Charles Darwinism applied to society by Herbert Spencer?
Answer: He intorduced the theory of "Survival of the fittest"


Question: He invented the Phonograph, light bulb, kinetescope, and many other inventions, he was...
Answer: Thomas Edison

Question: Jane Addams spent her life helping America's less fortunate in Chicago.  She and her friend Ellen Star built the first reform house in U.S. history called the
Answer: Hull House

Question: Who made a fortune in the railroad business
Answer: Vanderbilt

Question: Who made a fortune in the Steel industry
Answer: Caranagie

Question: The process of expanding one are of producation is called
Answer: Vertical intergration


Question: These laws segregated blacks from whites in the South
Answer: Jim Crow laws

Question: What was life like in the innter ring of America from 1865 to 1900
Answer: Tenements, disease, no running water

Question: What was an immigrant houseing comples called
Answer: Tenement

Question: The period of reconstruction lasted from?
Answer: 1867-1877

Question: The process of producing a product from start to finish is called
Answer: horizontal Integration